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Spiral b
Spiral-4004Y and Solarmon-type Spirals
Debut Digimon ReArise

Spiral are Digital Lifeforms that resemble Digimon.


Spiral resemble the wireframe models of various species of Digimon in five different colors. Each type is named according to its color and the Digimon species it mimics; "Spiral-10##R" are red, "Spiral-20##B" are blue, "Spiral-30##N" are purple, "Spiral-40##Y" are yellow, and "Spiral-50##G" are green, with the ## denoting the mimicked species as listed below.


Spiral (スパイラル)

Official romanization given by Digimon ReArise and used in the franchise.


Digimon ReArise

Spiral are a mysterious Digital Lifeforms that imitate Digimon and originate from rifts between worlds,[citation needed] such as between the Digital World and Human World, so they often appear within Digital Points. Once all Spirals are defeated, the Digital Points will usually disappear. There is an unknown entity that appears to be directing the actions of the Spirals for the sake of its experiments.[citation needed]

Spirals have the ability to possess Digimon and cause them to go berserk, and can also divert a Digimon's digivolution into a dark digivolution.[1] They can also fuse together to simulate their own digivolution.[2]

Herissmon seems to be linked to the Spiral and is able to sense them. Herissmon's first digivolution to Filmon causes all of the Spiral to freeze, but after he digivolves further to Stefilmon, he begins becoming sensitive to the negative energy exuded by the Spirals, causing him to run wild.[citation needed]



Debut Digimon ReArise

Spiral-01s are Spirals that mimic Tsunomon. They appear in Act 1 and 2, and are enemies in various Dimensional Vortexes.



Spiral-4002Y ra

Debut Digimon ReArise

Spiral-02s are Spirals that mimic Tsumemon. They appear as enemies in various Dimensional Vortexes.



Spiral-3004N ra

Debut Digimon ReArise

Spiral-04s are Spirals that mimic Keramon. They appear as enemies in various Dimensional Vortexes.


Spiral-05s are Spirals that mimic Gotsumon.


Spiral-06s are Spirals that mimic Numemon.


Spiral-07s are Spirals that mimic Seadramon.


Spiral-08s are Spirals that mimic Woodmon.


Spiral-12s are Spirals that mimic Guardromon.


Spiral-13s are Spirals that mimic Frigimon.[please confirm]


Spiral-15s are Spirals that mimic Clockmon.


Spiral-17s are Spirals that mimic Veggiemon.


Spiral-18s are Spirals that mimic Peckmon.



Spiral-5019G ra

Debut Digimon ReArise

Spiral-19s are Spirals that mimic Sunflowmon. They appear as enemies in various Dimensional Vortexes.



Spiral-2021B ra

Debut Digimon ReArise

Spiral-04s are Spirals that mimic DemiDevimon. They appear as enemies in various Dimensional Vortexes.


Spiral-24s are Spirals that mimic SkullMeramon.


Spiral-26s are Spirals that mimic Piximon.

Notes and references

  1. In "A Frenzied Menace! Tamers Unite!" [12], a swarm of Spiral-3015Ns resonate with Tyrannomon during its digivolution, causing it to dark digivolve to SkullGreymon, in "A Boundary Shaking with Fury" [21], they force Stefilmon to digivolve to Rasenmon Fury Mode, and in "The Embodiment of Counterattacks! Armageddemon Raid Clash Battle!", a swarm of Kuramon and Keramon absorb the data of Spiral-4004Ys in order to digivolve to Diaboromon.
  2. In "Lopmon and the Alluring Aroma" [14], three Solarmon-type Spirals[please confirm] fuse together into a Tankmon-type Spiral.[please confirm]
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