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Spiral b
Spiral-4004Y and Spiral-3003N
Debut Digimon ReArise

Spiral are Digital Lifeforms that mimic Digimon.


Spirals are tiny fragments of data directed by a Hive Mind. They are colonial organisms that assemble into shapes resembling wireframe models of various species of Digimon in five different colors. Each type is named according to its color and the Digimon species it mimics; "Spiral-10##R" are red and Brave, "Spiral-20##B" are blue and Calm, "Spiral-30##N" are purple and Deft, "Spiral-40##Y" are yellow Tenacious, and "Spiral-50##G" are green and Devoted, with the ## denoting the mimicked species as listed below.

Spirals appear within Digital Points, which usually disappear once the Spirals are defeated.[please confirm] Spirals have the ability to possess Digimon and cause them to go berserk, and can also divert a Digimon's digivolution into a dark digivolution.[1]

They can also open portals to the Digital World. A New Quest! The Mysterious Visitor


Spiral (スパイラル)

Official romanization given by Digimon ReArise and used in the franchise.


Digimon ReArise

The Spirals are Digital Lifeforms that originated as fragments of data which were generated by the rifts between the Real and Digital World,[citation needed] spontaneously materializing in both. The fragments developed their Hive Mind and quickly concluded that their purpose was to continue consolidating, but eventually grew lonely and resentful with feeling like outsiders to both worlds. They initially attempted to achieve self-actualization by assembling into shapes resembling Digimon, but were unsatisfied with mere mimicry and ultimately began trying to create a Digimon-like vessel from their own data. On a fluke, one of their attempts resulted in Herissmon's DigiEgg. When Herissmon turned out to have his own sense of self, preventing assimilation, the Hive Mind originally discarded him as a failure. Extra Episode: Spiral

However, they learned that Herissmon had managed to achieve self-actualization on his own, and decided to exploit his Spiral roots to mold him into their vessel. By attacking Herissmon continuously and en masse, they weakened him and forced him to "synchronize" with them, transforming him into Rasenmon Fury Mode and successfully realizing their vessel. Unfortunately, the Hive Mind began panicking when they realized that by forcing Herissmon to assimilate with them, they had in turn been assimilated with Herissmon, and now felt his emotions and sense of self. In pain, they began lashing out wildly at the world around them. Extra Episode: Spiral

Within Fury Mode, in an attempt to understand and resolve the discordance caused by Herissmon's residual will, the Hive Mind explained their past and his creation to Herissmon. Extra Episode: Spiral

As the Spiral Hive Mind controls Rasenmon Fury Mode's rampage, Herissmon mind awakens and it tries to talk to Hive Mind, attempting to tell it that there is more than sadness, anger, and despair, that the World is also filled with happiness, and that Herissmon and the Spiral are the same - however the Spiral reject this and tell Herissmon that it is nothing like them, is just a vessel, is an irregularity, and continues the rampage. Herissmon comes to the conclusion that it should also be able to control the Spiral just like how they had been controlling it and digivolves to Filmon, Stefilmon, and then Rasenmon. The Hive Mind tell Rasenmon that it will be unable to stop the rampage on its own, however after Rasenmon attacks the Hive Mind it finally manages to get its message across. The Hive Mind stops both Fury Mode and the Spiral's rampage and all the Spiral turn back into fragments, however this also causes Rasenmon to turn into fragments as well. The fragments then form into Pusumon's Digi-Egg. The Unforeseeable Future Part Two

As Herrismon and the Spiral spend the next few months together resting within Pusumon's Digi-Egg, they inform Herissmon that as result of taking in its data, they had began to achieve their own individuality - with each Spiral becoming its own being. They thank Herissmon for helping them to achieve this evolution and no longer think of it as a failure, telling it to live on as a Digimon. The Digi-Egg eventually hatches as Pusumon, with the Spiral being released from it as well. A DigiEgg's Dream

After the Protagonist and Pusurimon return from their over-seas vacation a Digital Point opens up, the first since the Rasenmon Fury Mode incident. As the group go into it they find a 4004Y and Pusurimon stops Salamon and Elecmon from fighting it so that it can ask the Spiral why it had opened the Digital Point, wondering if they were in trouble and needed help. After the Spiral states it can understand Pusurimon it is suddenly enveloped in a Dark Aura before it can say why it had opened the Digital Point and attacks Pusurimon. It spawns more Spiral, and so the group reluctantly fight them. A New Quest! The Mysterious Visitor The Spiral continue to be hostile, spawning more Digital Points, fighting the Tamers in them once again.



Debut Digimon ReArise

Spiral-01s are Spirals that mimic Tsunomon. They appear in Act 1 and 2, and are enemies in various Dimensional Vortexes.



Spiral-4002Y ra

Debut Digimon ReArise

Spiral-02s are Spirals that mimic Tsumemon. They appear as enemies in various Dimensional Vortexes.


Debut Digimon ReArise
Next forms Spiral-22[2]

Spiral-03s are Spirals that mimic Solarmon.


Debut Digimon ReArise

Spiral-04s are Spirals that mimic Keramon and seem to be the form the Spiral prefer the most. They appear as enemies in various Dimensional Vortexes.

After Keito Tamada and Elecmon are sucked into the Digital World through a portal they decide to wander around in the hopes they would Digimon that could help them find the Protagonist, Herissmon, Michi Shinjo, and Salamon. After a long search in which they struggle to find any Digimon, they eventually encounter Kumbhiramon, who was in the middle of fighting a group of Spiral-4004Y. Elecmon warp digivolves to GrapLeomon and helps Kumbhiramon defeat the Spiral. Stranded in the Digital World?!

When Rasenmon and Angewomon were about to train against ShineGreymon BM whilst in a Digital Point a giant Spiral-1004R sudden spawns, and so ShineGreymon BM instead decides for the three of them to team up to take it down as training instead of the two sparring against BM. Clash Battle! ShineGreymon BM After they defeat it three more spawn and manage to break Belphemon's seal, freeing it. Finally free, the Seven Great Demon Lord member attacks ShineGreymon, Rasenmon, and Angewomon. Clash Battle! Belphemon SM


Spiral-05s are Spirals that mimic Gotsumon.


Spiral-06s are Spirals that mimic Numemon.


Spiral-07s are Spirals that mimic Seadramon.


Spiral-08s are Spirals that mimic Woodmon.


Spiral-09s are Spirals that mimic Bakemon. They first appear in Act 5.


Spiral-10s are Spirals that mimic Tyrannomon. They first appear in Act 7.


Spiral-11s are Spirals that mimic Wizardmon. They first appear in Act 7.


Spiral-12s are Spirals that mimic Guardromon.


Spiral-13s are Spirals that mimic Frigimon.


Spiral-14s are Spirals that mimic Kuwagamon. They first appear in Act 11.


Spiral-15s are Spirals that mimic Clockmon.


Spiral-16s are Spirals that mimic Sukamon. They first appear in Act 9.


Spiral-17s are Spirals that mimic Veggiemon.


Spiral-18s are Spirals that mimic Peckmon.



Spiral-5019G ra

Debut Digimon ReArise

Spiral-19s are Spirals that mimic Sunflowmon. They appear as enemies in various Dimensional Vortexes.


Debut Digimon ReArise
Next forms Titamon type[citation needed][3]

Spiral-20s are Spirals that mimic SkullGreymon. They first appear in Act 21. In A New Quest! The Mysterious Visitor a group of them merge together to "evolve" to a Titamon type Spiral.



Spiral-2021B ra

Debut Digimon ReArise

Spiral-21s are Spirals that mimic DemiDevimon. They appear as enemies in various Dimensional Vortexes.


Debut Digimon ReArise
Prior forms Spiral-03[2]

Spiral-22s are Spirals that mimic Tankmon.


Spiral-23s are Spirals that mimic Starmon. They first appear in Act 15.


Spiral-24s are Spirals that mimic SkullMeramon.


Spiral-25s are Spirals that mimic Gaomon. They first appear in Act 17.


Spiral-26s are Spirals that mimic Piximon.


Spiral-27s are Spirals that mimic SkullSatamon. They first appear in Act 19.


Spiral-28s are Spirals that mimic ShogunGekomon. They first appear in Act 20.



Spiral-30s are Spirals that mimic Lilamon. They first appear in Act 21.


Spiral-31s are Spirals that mimic Whamon. They first appear in Act 22.

Titamon type

Debut Digimon ReArise
Prior forms Spiral-020[3]

Spiral-??[citation needed] are Spirals that mimic Titamon. They appear in "A New Quest! The Mysterious Visitor" after a group of Spiral-2020B fuse together to form it. It is defeated by Rasenmon.


X-Spiral (Xスパイラル?) are a special type of Spiral that have access to an "X-Barrier". The "X-Barrier" reduces all damage for their team by 85%. X-Antibody variants of Digimon (ex. WarGreymon X but not Alphamon) can bypass the Barrier entirely and deal regular damage, in addition to taking 25% less damage from the X-Spiral's "X-Charge" attack.

They appear from Floor 16 onwards in the Underworld Dungeon.


  • X-Charge

Notes and references

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