Soundbirdmon is an Avian Digimon. It is characterized by its speaker built-in wings. It is very cautious and usually keeps quiet, but when a suspicious Digimon draws near, it drives them away by crying at high volume.[3]


  • Soundfinish: Emits ultrasonic waves to immobilize the enemy.
  • Giga Scream: Sings at full volume, sending out a shock wave.


Soundbirdmon was adopted from the "Nene & Sparrowmon" winning entry in the "2011 Original Digimon Contest" which belonged to Satoshi Yamaguchi. D5 And The Brotherhood Of Evil It is a black Digimon whose main body appears similar to an eighth note. Its face has a red crest with a single white-and-red eye in the center. It flies using two, bat-like wings that have red spots on them.


Soundbirdmon (サウンドバードモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Digimon Fusion

This information is not part of storyline content.

Soundbirdmon appears during one episode's Japanese commercial break. D5 And The Brotherhood Of Evil

Digimon Adventure:


Soundbirdmon is defeated by the DigiDestined's Partner Digimon.

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