This article is about the 2020 Adventure: character. For for the 1999 Adventure character, see Sora Takenouchi.

Sora Takenouchi (武之内 空 Takenouchi Sora?) is a DigiDestined in Digimon Adventure:.


Sora is a young girl with lightly tanned skin, short, chin-length orange hair resembling a bob, and marroon eyes. She wears a blue beanie with a cyan brim and straps, which leaves a tuft of her hair out, a light pink shirt with short sleeves, a vertical bright pink single stripe on each sleeve, and a yellow butterfly on the left side of the chest. She also wears a red wristband on her right wrist, wine-colored jeans, and pink and black sneakers. The sneakers have red soles and white laces. She also wears a black garment visible between her shirt and pants. It's unclear whether this is a shirt or leggings.


Sora Takenouchi (武之内 空)

Name used in Digimon Adventure:. Officially romanized in the official site.

  • Ja: Takenochi (武之内?). Japanese surname that means "within the warrior".
  • Ja: Sora (?). Japanese name that means "sky", likely a reference to Biyomon. Along with Mimi, it may also be a pun on "soramimi" (空耳? lit. "mishear").


Sora is shown to be brash and decisive, not hesitating to jump into a fight, especially if it is to protect those who need it. She is the one who is the most wiling to help digimon in need.


In August 2020, while hanging out with friends, Sora appears to feel the moment Tai reaches for Koromon. Tokyo Digital Crisis

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