Sonya (ローラ Rōra?, lit. "Laura") is a Russian DigiDestined who is partnered to Snimon.


Digimon Adventure 02[]

Named Laura in the original version, Sonya is a Russian DigiDestined who meets Yolei and Sora in Moscow, Russia. She is the second among the Russian DigiDestined to introduce herself to them. She is hugged by Yolei afterwards.

Sonya, along with the other Russian DigiDestined, Anna and Yuri, at first had a hard time communicating with Yolei, Sora, Hawkmon, and Biyomon since they could not understand Japanese. Whereas Sora and Yolei do not know how to speak Russian. Sora only knew three Russian words—piroshki, borscht and caviar. Realizing that all the loose Digimon in Moscow were all Flymon and that all their partner Digimon were capable of flying, Yolei uses those three words as their means of communication and as battle commands for when they engage the Flymon in the sky. Piroshki would be used as a signal to turn left, Borscht as a signal to turn right and Caviar to signal "attack". The Russians understood, and the group flew off to fight the Flymon.

After defeating the Flymon and sending them back to the Digital World, Sonya and Anna offer Sora and Yolei to eat piroshki and borscht. However, Ilya, Gennai's Russian counterpart, immediately sends Sora, Yolei and their partners to Siberia to help the Siberian DigiDestined defeat a group of rampaging Mammothmon. Thus Anna, Sonya and Yuri ate piroshki and borscht without them and celebrate Christmas.

Sonya reappears during the fight against MaloMyotismon. She is in the streets of Moscow, raising her Digivice to the sky with Anna and Yuri. After calling out Snimon, her Digivice sends out a beam of golden light which transports her to the Digital World. When she arrives in the Digital World, she stands together with Matt, Rosa and her fellow Russian DigiDestined, against MaloMyotismon.

Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning[]

On February 21, 2012, Ukkomon's digi-egg appears in the sky above Tokyo, and like the rest of the world, Laura and her friends receive a message sent from the digi-egg.

Partner Digimon[]


Snimon t

Snimon is Sonya's Partner Digimon. He helps Sora, Yolei, and the other Russian DigiDestined to defend Moscow against a horde of Flymon. Digimon World Tour, Pt. 3 He later appears during the battle against MaloMyotismon. A Million Points of Light

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