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|family=Virus Busters
|family=Virus Busters

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(スラッシュエンジェモン SlashAngemon)
File:GuardiAngemon b.jpg
Level Mega
Type Power
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Prior forms Kyukimon,MagnaAngemon

GuardiAngemon is a Power Digimon whose Japanese name and design are derived from "Slash Angemon", and whose English name is derived from the mythological Guardian angel. It commands the Powers and cuts through the vanguard in battle. As it persists in justice, it does not fear death. Along with the blades of its metal wings and hands, its entire body has gained a razor-sharp appearance, and it is surely an Angel Warrior created in order to battle wicked beings.[1]

Digimon World 3

You can obtain GuardiAngemon by getting Kotemon to Lv.40 or getting a Kyukimon to Lv.99. His card is White Mega 55/55.

Digimon World DS

GuardiAngemon digivolves from Kyukimon. A GuardiAngemon also appears as a victim of the BT Boss, along with a Seraphimon and a Cherubimon that you must fight before you fight Zhuqiaomon.

Digimon World Dawn/Dusk

GuardiAngemon, known as SlashAngemon in the game, digivolves from MagnaAngemon. In Dusk, he can be found in Sunshine City, during the Last Battle Union Quest, and afterwards he can be found in Chaos Brain.


  • Holy Espada (Esp: Holy Sword)
  • Heaven's Ripper : Charges at the opponent with staggering momentum, cutting them apart with the blades covering its body.

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