(スコピオモン Scorpiomon)
SkullScorpionmon b
Title Assassin of the Desert
Level Ultimate
Type Insect
Attribute Data
Family Nature Spirits
Jungle Troopers
Partners Bagra Army
Voice actors (Ja:) Binbin Takaoka (Xros Wars, Commander), Kenji Akabane (Xros Wars, Scorpiomon 1)
(En:) Neil Kaplan (Fusion)
Cards (Ja:) St-664, Bo-528
(En:) DT-147
Other Names
• (En:) SkullScorpiomon[1]
• (En:) Scorpionmon[2]

SkullScorpionmon is an Insect Digimon. SkullScorpionmon is referred to as the "Assassin of the Desert". It sneaks up from behind the opponent while hiding its presence, and pierces the opponent with the venomous stinger at the tip of its tail. The venom that SkullScorpionmon carries acts faster than the transmission speed of nerve data, killing the opponent before they even realize that they have been stung. It is referred to as an assassin for this reason, since its opponent will not even know of its existence.[3]


  • Pinch of Pain (Poison Pierce): Attacks with the venomous stinger on its tail tip.
  • Black Out: Blinds the opponent by spraying a slightly poisonous mist. Through this technique, it ensures that the opponent will never lay eyes on it.


SkullScorpionmon is a bipedal skeletal scorpion (Mesobuthus martensii) with three eyes and black markings on its body. It has two pairs of legs with red tips on its torso and its chela has red dactyls. It has a long, segmented tail with a blade on the end of it.


Scorpiomon (デスメラモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese media.


Name used in Digimon Fusion.


Digimon Fusion

Digimon Fusion Fighters

Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Blue and Red

SkullScorpionmon DigiFuses to Laylamon L with LadyDevimon and Arukenimon, to AncientSphinxmon with Nefertimon, SkullBaluchimon, and Digitamamon, and to AncientBeetlemon with MegaKabuterimon (Red), Okuwamon, and Flymon.

Digimon Heroes!

Scorpiomon is card 6-111.

Notes and references

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