SkullKnightmon Arrow Mode
(スカルナイトモン アローモード)
SkullKnightmon Arrow Mode toy
Debut Digimon Xros Figure Series:
SkullKnightmon & DeadlyAxemon Set
Prior forms SkullKnightmon + Axemon[1]
SkullKnightmon Cavalier Mode
SkullKnightmon Mighty Axe Mode
SkullKnightmon Naginata Mode

SkullKnightmon Arrow Mode is a DigiFuse of SkullKnightmon and Axemon that results in SkullKnightmon wielding a bow formed from Axemon's body.


SkullKnightmon Arrow Mode is the base SkullKnightmon wielding a bow formed from Axemon's back legs.


SkullKnightmon Arrow Mode (スカルナイトモン アローモード)

Name used in the Digimon Xros Figure Series. No official romanization available.


Digimon Xros Figure Series

SkullKnightmon Arrow Mode is one of the forms that can be made from the SkullKnightmon & DeadlyAxemon Set.

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