Shoutmon DX is a Composition Digimon. As the "Crusade Mode" (クルセイド形態 Kuruseido Keitai?), born when OmniShoutmon, who boasts the swiftest speed, obtained the fighting strength of ZekeGreymon, who boasts unparalleled power, it incarnated its high defensive and offensive power without losing OmniShoutmon's speed by obtaining ZekeGreymon's "Gold Digizoid". There is never an opponent too formidable before Shoutmon DX, who boasts high mobility and offensive power. It possesses a disposition that contrasts clever divinity with ferocious bestiality, deriving from the instincts within OmniShoutmon and ZekeGreymon. Although it normally has a mild, kind, and friendly personality, once it gets into battle, it has a complete about-face to a warrior burning with fury. It becomes both cool and audacious enough for battles to get violent, and that appearance is fitting to the name of "Crusade Mode", as it seems to be one who acts as an agent of divine punishment. It has the "Electric Buster Xros" bayonets equipped to its right arm, and the gigantic "Trident JusFang" claws on its left.[3]


  • DX Double Blade[4] (Trident JusFang): Releases a powerful blow with the Trident JusFang, or uses that sturdiness to function as a shield.
  • Magma Blast[5] (Hyper Rock Magnum): Fires a hail of shots.
  • Electric Buster Cross (Electric Buster Xros): Demonstrates the power of the Electric Buster Xros in both gun and sword attacks.
  • Victorize Complete[6] (Victorize Banking): Effuses its passion to justice from the "V" on its head and assaults the opponent while shining greater than the sun, eradicating them.
  • Brave Beat Rock Double Fusion[7] (Brave Beat Rock Double Xros): Unifies OmniShoutmon's and ZekeGreymon's flames, clothing its body with the hellfire that purifies all corruption and becoming an incarnation of flame that looks like a meteor, and completely vaporizes all of the opponents when it assaults them.


Shoutmon DX is a fused form of OmniShoutmon and ZekeGreymon. Its body is predominantly ZekeGreymon's from the torso to the legs. It has OmniShoutmon's body equipped as a weapon on the right arm, on the right arm is a massive paw with three claws. Its back contains ZekeGreymon's head, wings and gun barrel tail.


Shoutmon DX (シャウトモンDX)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

  • (En:) Shout.
  • D. Short for Double.
  • X. Short for "Xros" (クロス?) in Japanese media. Derived from Cross.


Digimon Fusion

Main article: Shoutmon DX (Fusion)

Digimon All-Star Rumble

Digimon Heroes!

Shoutmon DX is card 6-851.

Notes and references

  1. Shoutmon DX has no level in the Digital Monster Card Game, which is treated as equivalent to the Ultimate level.
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