ShoeShoemon is a Puppet Digimon. It traverses as if gliding around on roller skates atop tree canopies. A restless Digimon, it dislikes staying still and is always in motion. ShoeShoemon typically stuffs its food into its cheek pouches, which have a far larger capacity than their appearance suggests. Besides food, it also places important items in these pouches to carry them around. ShoeShoemon also forces items that don't fit into its cheeks between the gaps in its tail or inside the zip pouch on its belly. As something of a packrat with a habit of swiping things, Shoeshoemon sometimes steals food from other Digimon it comes across.[1]


  • Rolling Stomper: Performs rapid rotations and smashes foes with the tires of its roller skates.
  • Acorn Bomb (ドングリボム Donguri Bomb?): Throws the acorn-shaped explosives it stashes in the zip pouch on its belly. When these explode, they shoot out masses of acorns, dealing damage across a wide area.


ShoeShoemon is an anthropomorphic stuffed squirrel puppet creature. It has a tuft of blond hair and it wears roller skates.


ShoeShoemon (シューシューモン)

Official romanization given the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

  • Shoe. It may have it twice, as this Digimon has two shoes. May also be a pun on "Chūchū" (チューチュー?), the onomatopeia for a mouse's squeak.


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Notes and references[]

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