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Shēngjiàn Fāng (方昇健 Fāng Shēngjiàn?) is one of the main protagonists of the manhua Digimon D-Cyber. He's a boy who gets sucked into the Digital World with his friends by MetalPhantomon.


Shēngjiàn is a teenage boy with light skin, shaggy blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a long white shirt with a black collar under a white track jacket with black lines and a zipper slider shaped like a cross, jeans, and a pair of black and white sneakers. He wears rimless glasses with an X-shaped bridge.



Shēngjiàn Fāng (方昇健)
  • Fāng (方?). A Chinese surname meaning "square".
  • Shēngjiàn (昇健?). A Chinese name meaning "rising health".


Shēngjiàn is kidnapped to the Digital World by MetalPhantomon along with his friends Zhìguāng, Huī and Āměi. He is brainwashed by MetalPhantomon, and invites Zhìguāng to battle with him and his Digimon, Gaiomon. When Zhìguāng arrives with Huī, Shēngjiàn uses this to his advantage, creating a fake Huī and convincing Zhìguāng he had killed him, causing Dorumon to evolve to DexDoruGreymon. Initially, Gaiomon easily defeats DexDoruGreymon, but when Zhìguāng sees through the ruse, DeathDoruGreymon evolves to DeathDorugoramon and defeats Gaiomon, turning him into a Digiegg. With Gaiomon's defeat, Shēngjiàn is freed from MetalPhantomon's control. He then helps Zhìguāng realize he can still speak to DeathDorugoramon's heart and stop his rampage.

Following the instructions of Omega of Power, Shēngjiàn, Zhìguāng, Huī and their Digimon go to Duke of Courage to ask for his help. On the way, Shēngjiàn's Digiegg hatches into DexDorugamon to save the others as they fall from a bridge. Later, Shēngjiàn opens a chest that causes DexDorugamon to devolve into his true form, Ryudamon.