The Selector (セレクター Serekutā?) are the main antagonists of Digimon Story: Lost Evolution. They are a group that hunts Tamers and their Digimon.

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Ex-Eraser Ω

Ex-Eraser omega b.jpg

Ex-Eraser Ω is the fusion of Ex-Eraser α, Ex-Eraser β, and Ex-Eraser γ.

When Shuu/Kizuna defeats the Bandits in the World Championship, they fuse into Ex-Eraser Ω and fight the Tamer again, but are defeated and go report to Kernel.


Erasers are Selector's soldiers who can transform into their Monster Mode, Shift Eraser when detect a Tamer too powerful for their usual forms.

Erasers are made from brain-washed, captured Tamers and Digimon, who are fused in the Ancient Tree.

When Shuu/Kizuna arrives in the Ancient Tree, they see Jegal and Omnimon being fused into an Eraser.

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