(シーサモン Siesamon)
Seasarmon t
Appears in:Digimon Tamers
First appearance "Battle of Adventurers" [M1]
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Kyousei Tsukui
(En:) Tom Wyner[1]
Partner(s):Minami Uehara

Seasarmon is Minami Uehara's partner Digimon in Digimon Tamers: Battle of Adventurers.


Seasarmon leapt out of Minami Uehara's computer to protect her from Divermon. He destroyed Divermon but it was too late to save Minami as Mantaraymon snatched her and fled. Later it seems that Seasarmon is Minami's partner digimon. At that point, he joined Takato and Guilmon in order to rescue Minami.

Seasarmon and the others headed to the VP Laboratories where he took out Depthmon and managed to rescue Minami and her father. He battles Barronmon and his minions and holds them off long enough for Growlmon to destroy them. During the final battle, Mephistomon hits Seasarmon with his fist, causing him to revert back into Labramon.

Other Forms

The name "Seasarmon" refers to only the Champion form of this Digimon. In the movie and v-pets, he other another forms.


Labramon t

Labramon is Seasarmon's Rookie form.

Mephistomon's attack caused Seasarmon to de-digivolve to Labramon and in this weakened form he captured the unconscious Digimon. Growlmon, Gargomon and Kyubimon fought him enough for Labramon to wake up and break free from his grasp. The three Champion Level Digimon brought a ship cruising down on him as Labramon shielded Minami. Before Labramon died, Minami enabled the V-Pet vaccination program to activate, allowing it to repair the damage that was inflicted on Earth.


Cerberumon DArk

Cerberumon is Seasarmon's Ultimate form.

In the virtual pet D-Ark Version 2.0, Seasarmon can digivolve to Cerberumon.


Anubismon DArk

Anubismon is Seasarmon's Mega form.

In the virtual pet D-Ark Version 2.0, Seasarmon can digivolve to Anubismon.

Notes and References

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