Sashenka (サーシェンカ Sāshenka?) is a Gaomon and Niko's Partner. Niko usually calls him Sasha (サーシャ Sāsha?), his name's short form.


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Sashenka (サーシェンカ)
  • Ru: Sashenka (Сашенька?). A Russian name.
Sasha (サーシャ)
Mikhail (ミハイル)

Name used in early news articles about Digimon World Re:Digitize.[1]

  • Ru: Mikhail (Михаил?). A male Russian name.


Sashenka was originally intended to be named Mikhail (ミハイル Mihairu?).[1]


Digimon World Re:Digitize (manga)

Sashenka is Niko's Partner.

One day, when he and Agumon are about to battle in the Colosseum, an error occurs and the game freezes. Our Routine, Evolving!! Later, Niko sends Sashenka to help Digitorin in the battle against Black. Don't Quit, Advance!!

Digimon World Re:Digitize

Digimon World Re:Digitize: Encode

Some time after the battle against Black, he and Agumon are battling. Niko is about to use a Recovery Disk, but Agumon defeats Sashenka first. Foment

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Other Forms


Gaogamon b.jpg

Gaogamon is Sashneka's Champion form.

Sashenka helps Taiga and his Partner fight a blackened WarGrowlmon.


  • Spiral Blow: Releases a powerful vortex of wind from his mouth in one breath.


MachGaogamon b.jpg

MachGaogamon is Sashenka's Ultimate form.


  • Winning Knuckle: Attacks with a blow of his fist boasting supreme impact strength.


MirageGaogamon (Re-Digitize) b.jpg

MirageGaogamon is Sashenka's Mega form.


  • Full Moon Blaster: Concentrates his body's energy, then fires it from the mouth on his chest as a superdreadnought-class strike.


Magnamon b.jpg

In Decode, Sashenka can digivolve to Magnamon by using the Golden Armor of Miracles.

Sashenka uses this form in the "We won't Lose" Free Battle. If Taiga defeats Sashenka, he will obtain the Golden Armor of Miracles.

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