Sara Shinkai (新海沙羅 Shinkai Sara?) is a character in Digimon ReArise Season 2. Her Partner is Tapirmon.



Sara is Tamer that has a sense of dignity. She acts very mature for her age without, never breaks her elegant behaviour, and maintains a sense of distance with everyone. Sara acts the opposite with her partner, Tapirmon, however and is very fond of it.[2]

Sara is scared of the dark and sinister looking Digimon. Invasion of Darkness! Two Tamers Lost in the Dark


Sara Shinkai (新海沙羅)

Name used in Digimon ReArise. No official romanization available.

  • (Ja:) Shinkai (新海?). A Japanese surname with the characters for "new sea".
  • (Ja:) Sara (沙羅?). A Japanese given name with the characters for the "sal tree".

Sara explains the meaning behind her name when she introduces herself to the other Tamers. A God Beast Digimon?! A Path for Mayu to Follow


Digimon ReArise

When Sara was young, she spent a lot of time in the hospital and and very rarely left the bed and would try her best to pretend the pain and testing was normal however every time she bottled up her feelings and wanted to cry, the darkness in her heart grew and she eventually began to fear the World. Invasion of Darkness! Two Tamers Lost in the Dark

During her hospital treatments, she would use VR equipment to transport her mind to an alternate world where she would be able to experience being able to move around – something she was unable to do in real life at the time. Tapirmon was originally trapped in said alternate World by itself, leading it to feeling depressed. Not knowing what a human is, Tapirmon would watch her from afar. Eventually Tapirmon would strike up the courage to go up and talk to her though this ended badly when it asked her if she was alone, with Sara denying it stating that her Father would be visiting her soon. Despite this, and now being scared of her, it would still talk to her every time she showed up since it was better than being alone. Sometimes during the treatments, Sara would be tormented by nightmares with Tapirmon seeing it happen in real time. Wanting to save her, it eats her bad dreams and promises it would eat them whenever she had them. This caused Sara to break down and admit she was always alone, which allowed the two of them to become best friends. Wanting praise from Tapirmon, she would improve herself and become nicer so she would receive said praise. After this she started to get better and eventually recovered, with her reasoning being that her change in attitude caused by Tapirmon allowed her to recover. Withstand the Endless Barrage! Settle Up With Sara

Now recovered, the doctors discharged her from the hospital. Though initially happy, she spiralled into depression when she realized it meant she would no longer be able to see Tapirmon. She begged to still be allowed to use the VR system so that she could visit it but wasn't allowed to as they didn't believe her about its existence. Eiji Futami, who had been visiting the hospital, overheard her begging and having already been studying Digimon – believed her. He stole the VR headset she had been using and after connecting it to his laptop, was able to locate Tapirmon. He then transferred Tapirmon from the headset to his laptop, and then from his laptop to Sara's smartphone – allowing them to reunite in the Real World. Now reunited with her best friend, she swore loyalty to Eiji. Withstand the Endless Barrage! Settle Up With Sara

Five years later, when Michi Shinjo and Salamon are running late for their shopping trip with Mayu Kohinata, Kudamon, the Protagonist, Herissmon, Mon, and Hackmon Michi accidentally runs into Sara due to barely paying attention to what was in front of her. Michi panics about where her smartphone had landed though Sara passes it to her as it had landed next to her. As Salamon reminds Michi once again that they're late Michi hurriedly leaves after thanking Sara, both Michi and Salamon oblivious to the fact that Sara had not displayed shock to the fact that Salamon existed. Tapirmon points out that Michi was a Tamer, wondering if that was a good thing, though Sara doesn't mind as all she cared about was the fact she had Tapirmon.

Later, when a Digital Point opens up in the shopping Mall the Spiral drag in a group of Kuwagamon and Okuwamon from the Digital World. The Protagonist, Filmon, Michi, and Gatomon lose track of the Insectoid Digimon and eventually find Tapirmon fighting a Kuwagamon. Sara has Tapirmon digivolve to Monochromon to defeat the Kuwagamon, to the shock of the onlooking Tamers and Digimon, after which it reverts back to Tapirmon. After introducing themselves they ask Sara to help them defeat the rest of the Insectoid Digimon however Sara refuses as she had other plans and leaves with Tapirmon. A God Beast Digimon?! A Path for Mayu to Follow

Later, Sara and Tapirmon arrive just as the Protagonist, Filmon, Michi, and Gatomon clear out a Digital Point leaving Sara disappointed as there were no Spiral left for her to fight. A few days later, when Michi is fighting in a Digital Point on her own, Sara and Monochromon help Michi and Gatomon clear it out. Michi talks Tapirmon into going around the City to find out the source of the rumour behind an Angel's shadow though all they find are more and more Digital Points to clear out. A day later, Sara finds Michi clearing out Digital Points on her own and helps Michi clear it, then helps her to find the source of the rumour. She, Michi, and Mon are able to stop Ophanimon and Caturamon's plan, gaining the Humans another Deva ally. Chasing the Shadow of an Angel! Joining Forces with Sara!

When Michi and Sara get stuck in a Digital Point in the library, they are attacked by SkullSatamon. Sara is frozen in fear, though snaps out of it upon remembering when Tapirmon said it will always be with her. Megadramon and Angewomon defeat SkullSatamon, however it surprise attacks them once again after their partners de-digivolve to Rookie. This pisses off Sara, which causes Tapirmon to warp digivolve to Machinedramon and finish off SkullSatamon once and for all. This shocks Michi and Salamon, who were unaware that Tapirmon was actually Machinedramon. Invasion of Darkness! Two Tamers Lost in the Dark After the battle, Leopardmon of the Royal Knights arrives and fights and defeats Machinedramon, then reveals that Sara is behind all the problems in the Digital World. Sara confirms this, summons a large group of Spiral to cause a distraction, has Tapirmon once again digivolve to Machinedramon, and attacks Leopardmon. Gaiomon arrives and joins Machinedramon but just as the two of them are about to defeat the Royal Knight, Jesmon suddenly arrives and blocks their attacks. Sara and Takumi realise they wouldn't be able to take out two Royal Knights and escape through a gate to the Dark Area. Advent of the Holy Knight! Mark of the Blade

Having used a lot of her collected Spiral to escape, Sara and Tapirmon travel through Digital Points to replenish her stock by capturing them within an app on her smartphone. After collecting a large amount they hear a scream and travel to the source, where they see Matadormon draining a woman of her blood though Matadormon leaves, stating the time was not yet right for them to meet. The scream also caught the attention of Michi and Salamon though Sara flees on the back of Megadramon to avoid having to talk to her. She later meets up with Takumi and tells him about Matadormon.

Sara and Tapirmon continue to collect Spirals, this time as Megadramon. Michi and Angewomon confront them about the many Humans falling into comas, as she thought Sara was behind it, though Sara states she isn't. When Sara realises how much time Michi had spent searching for her instead of studying she decides she cannot be friends with her any more, as she didn't want to get in the way of her studies, and has Megadramon digivolve to Machinedramon. Deciding that she is sick of Michi getting in her way she decides to murder Michi though Angewomon defends her partner. As Sara mocks Angewomon for being weak Angewomon suddenly becomes stronger and defeats Machinedramon, having unknowingly taken in dark energy from GranDracmon who was watching the fight and wanted Michi to win. Angewomon readies an attack to kill Machinedramon and though Michi tries to call it off, GranDracmon projects its thoughts into Michi's head and nearly convinces her to fall into the darkness of resentment and hatred. Michi is able to snap out of it however and calls off the attack, to the annoyance of GranDracmon. It ReArises in front of the two Tamers and once again asks Michi to join its collection, though she once again refuses. As it had already once nearly caused her to fall into the darkness, GranDracmon uses its "Eye of the Gorgon" on her and is this time able to cause her to succumb to it. Michi has Angewomon continue to attack Machinedramon until it de-digivolves to Tapirmon and falls unconscious, after which the trio leave – with Michi and Angewomon now GranDracmon's minions. Darkness Invades! The Dancing Vampire

Having ran away from the other Tamers, Sara and Tapirmon hide out at the library. A Digital point suddenly opens up, only to close itself seconds later and Tapirmon senses that the Digital Point had brought something dark. When they leave the library they see Michi and Angewomon trying to destroy the town, and so Tapirmon warp digivolves to Megadramon in an attempt to stop them – only for Megadramon to be easily defeated. Sara summons a large group of Spiral, creating a Digital Point, which causes the Protagonist and Rasenmon to find the group. As Angewomon fights Rasenmon, SaviorHuckmon and Mon arrive which causes GranDracmon to have Michi and Angewomon retreat. Most of the group follow them to the Dark Area and with everyone gone, Megadramon reverts to Tapirmon. Sara, confused as to why she even tried to protect the Town in the first place since she only cares about Tapirmon decides she wants to stop Angewomon, upset she had done nothing to prevent Michi's brainwashing. Though scared of the Dark Area, Sara decides to travel there to try and help Michi. She eventually finds the duo fighting Rasenmon and Grizzlymon and has Tapirmon warp digivolve to Machinedramon and surprise attack Angewomon. Machinedramon takes over the battle, allowing Rasenmon and Grizzlymon to reach GranDracmon. As Machinedramon and Angewomon fight, Machinedramon suddenly reverts back to Tapirmon, stating they had bought enough time. Sara puts her plan into action, grabs Michi's hand, and is able to talk her out of the brainwashing by telling her about how much she cares about her. Tapirmon warp digivolves to Machinedramon again, joining LovelyAngemon to attack GranDracmon. GranDracmon attempts to freeze then all for all eternity again, with the three Megas fighting back. As they launch a combined attack, GranDracmon finds LovelyAngemon's light beautiful after which the group suddenly teleport out of the Dark Area and wake up in the real World, the Digimon all back in their Rookie forms. Confused as to what happened, the group theorize that GranDracmon killed itself by running into the light and celebrate their assumed victory. Sara then informs the group she had returned the favor of Michi helping her before, with the group enemies once again. Illuminating Light A Guide to the Rainbow

When Sara and Takumi are discussing their plan to ambush the summit between the Royal Knights, Three Archangels, and Four Holy Beasts they are attacked by a group of Spiral, leading Tapirmon to warp digivolve to Machinedramon to defeat them alongside Gaiomon, which also allows Sara to add to her collect of Spiral. As the summit was on break, with each group split up during said break by the time Sara and Takumi show up, they are only able to find the Archangels. Machinedramon and Gaiomon attack them though during the fight the Protagonist, Rasenmon, Michi, and LovelyAngemon arrive, confused as to why they were fighting. The Tamers join the fight to stop them, though Sara summons a group of Spiral which are able to stall the group long enough for Sara and Takumi to complete their goal, after which they flee through a portal. A Digimon Summit Begins?

Takumi, after refusing to continue listening to the orders of he and Sara's boss, Eiji Futami, returns to the side of the Tamers leaving Sara to continue Eiji's plan on her own. To Wield a Blade for Justice

Now having everything they need, Eiji and Sara prepare for the final step to invade the Kernel, though Eiji also sets up a Digital Point in the location first and has Spiral pretend to be him and Sara by manually hacking their appearence and then using an app to play their voices out of the fakes to trick the others. Just as the fake versions pretend to start the plan, Leopardmon and Jesmon show up and attack them. As they had to go to an exact location to be able to infitrate the Kernel, it made finding them easy. Eiji had thought the Royal Knights would be busy but they had outsmarted him as they had lied to him about what they'd be doing as Jesmon had suspected Eiji from the start. The fake Eiji summons a large group of fellow Spiral and though they are able to paralyse the two Knights, they had not come alone. Kentaurosmon ambushes them from the sky and kills them, however this reveals to the trio that they were not the real deal and instead, their deaths triggers the hidden Digital Point – sucking the three of them into it as Eiji and Sara laugh at them, watching from afar. They then succesfully complete their plan and open a gateway Kernel however the Three Archangels were onto them and before they can go inside it, Cherubimon comes out of it and attacks them. Eiji summons Spiral, whilst Cherubimon summons many Angel Digimon and using a program they had created to nuetralize Eiji's Spiral (having analyzed the program when it was used against them in the past) it is able to delete Eiji's Spiral. Still having loads left, he summons more of them and has Sara digivolve Tapirmon to Machinedramon in the hopes that they can defeat Cherubimon in a battle of attrition. Cherubimon easily deals with them despite the numbers however Eiji uses his hacks and disguises the Spiral as Angel Digimon and Machinedramon which is enough to throw Cherubimon off with the Spiral and Machinedramon being able to team up and defeat Cherubimon. As they prepare the killing blow; LovelyAngemon, Mitamamon, and their partners arrive – having noticed the gateway from afar due to how bright it was. Though confused at the fact Eiji was evil, they defeat the Spiral and save Cherubimon, though in defeating the Spiral, they are effected by their palarysis ability. This doesn't last long however, as Gaiomon Fierce Blade Mode also shows up and is able to remove the palarysis and is followed shortly after by Rasenmon, HeavyLeomon, and Grizzlymon. The group fail to stop Eiji however as he is able to have Machinedramon and the Spiral stall them long enough to be able to run through the gateway. Unfortunately for Eiji, the gateway remained open due to Cherubimon using its remaining power with the Tamers being able to get Rasenmon, Jesmon (who was able to escape the prevous Digital Point), and their Tamers through the gateway as well before Cherubimon passed out. God's Territory

Despite this failure, Sara and Machinedramon refuse to back down – deciding that although they failed to stop some of them getting to the Kernel, they could still kill the others to stop them ever being a threat again. Sara summons a large group of Spiral, which then fight the remaining Partner Digimon alongside Machinedramon with Machinedramon using its powerful mind to have them do its bidding. As the battle continues, Sara summons more Spiral to replace the destroyed Spiral and eventually Keito notices that the high amount of Spiral activity was causing the Digital Point to glitch out. He orders the group to retreat, though when Michi notices that Sara wasn't retreating she runs to her to try and tell her what was about to happen coming to the conclusion that she had no idea what happens when too many Spiral access a Digital Point. As the rest see Michi charge at Sara they stop retreating trying to stop her but it ends up being too late, with the Digital Point transporting everyone to the Digital World. This also de-digivolved everyone back down to the Rookie level and split them all up.

After coming to, Sara and Tapirmon find themselves alone though that doesn't last long as they are found by Michi and Salamon. Michi is happy to see Sara is okay, though Sara reminds them they are enemies and that she will do as Eiji says. Salamon and Tapirmon then digivolve to Mega and fight once again. During the fight, Michi is able to talk down Sara after a long heartfelt conversation in which Sara admits she wants to help Eiji thanks to all he had done for her, but realized that helping him be evil wasn't the right thing to do. Michi then promises to help Sara help Eiji, but in the right way. Withstand the Endless Barrage! Settle Up With Sara

After the Protagonist and Mon confront Eiji, he is double crossed by Spiral Origin and they are all cast out of the Kernel. Upon awakening they are attacked by a group of Spiral, and Hackmon and Herissmon are unable to digivolve. Unable to defeat the high level Spiral, and unable to escape, they are almost killed until Sara, Michi, LovelyAngemon and Machinedramon arrive. Machinedramon defeats the Spiral, after which Sara talks him into helping them get back into the Kernel as his own goals had been completed even if they didn't turn out how he wanted with his Mother being dead. He didn't originally agree as he was too depressed about the last decade of his life being a waste of time, though Sara is able to convince him otherwise by telling him how he had saved her life. Eiji tells them that it would be impossible to get back into the Kernel in the conventional way due but theorises that by hacking Herrismon and accessing its connection to the Spiral Hive Mind they could manifest a gate that would allow them to travel to Spiral Origin, who just so happened to be inside the Kernel. He whips up a program that allows them to do this and installs it into Herissmon – who is then able to open said gate though the gates instead send them to the other Tamers one by one, which allows them to join in on the assault against Spiral Origin. Eiji asks Herissmon if this was on purpose, though it states it wasn't and the gates must've just been reacting to the fact it did want to reunite with the others. Sara and Machinedramon help the various Tamers in their fights against the evil Digimon and Spiral and after recruiting everyone else, they go through the gate once again only for it to instead send them to the Dark Area – with them being dropped right in front of GranDracmon. GranDracmon is delighted that its beloved Tamers had appeared before it though with it not yet being strong enough to defeat them it survives their combined attack, uses Eye of the Gorgon on Herissmon, and is able to brainwash Herissmon and cause it to warp digivolve to Rasenmon Fury Mode once again. Before it can do anything however, the Protagonist is able to snap it out of it and revert it back to Herissmon simply by calling out to it which annoys GranDracmon. It manifests a copy of Rasenmon Fury Mode and has it attack the group, though Herrismon warp digivolves to Rasenmon and is able to defeat the copy. Defeated, GranDracmon retreats. Rasenmon is then finally able to open a gate to the Kernel, though Spiral Origin sends the Spiral Guardians (G-Spiral-6097, G-Spiral-6098, and G-Spiral-6099) through it from the other side to attack them. Newfound Power! Rasenmon and the Ties That Bind

As the group struggle against the Spiral Guardians they realize that they need more help to be able to defeat them. Grizzlymon, wanting to be more useful to the group as it couldn't do much whilst still stuck at the Champion level, forces itself to digivolve to Cerberusmon so that it could open a gate to the Dark Area so that more of their allies can join the battle. No one appears to come out of it though, which leads Spiral Origin to boast that it had used the Kernel's power to delete the Digital World, and assumes it had worked. It taunts the Tamers about the fact they had failed and that everyone was dead only for Sandiramon to tell it to shut up, which caused the group to realize they had indeed summoned at least one ally to help them. Spiral Origin freaks out, as it should've been dead alongside the Digital World, with Sandiramon telling them that the Digital World still existed as the Four Holy Beasts had managed to stop the deletion at the last second. Sandiramon then allows Cerberusmon to use the DigiCore it had been entrusted with by the Four Holy Beasts to be used to open multiple gates at once which allows all members of the Deva, Royal Knights, and Three Archangels to join the battle. With the group now being much bigger, their combined forces are able to defeat the Spiral Guardians. Spiral Origin revives them however, though the large group of newly summoned allies fight them and allow the Tamers to go to the Kernel. Vs. Guardians

As the Tamers travel the Kernel, they are ambushed by stronger and stronger Spiral until they eventually reach Origin. Origin spawns even more Spiral, with everyone except Rasenmon fighting them. Rasenmon tries to talk Origin down and as it does, it is given power by rebellious Spiral who didn't want Origin to destroy the World and instead wanted to be friends with everyone (as Origin was unable to exert its will over the entire Hive Mind at that point). Origin uses the ones it still had control over to become its own unique form, though the rebellious Spiral power up Rasenmon up enough to allow it to defeat Spiral Origin. This also causes the Spiral Guardians fighting in the Dark Area to disperse as well.

After Spiral Origin's defeat, the Three Archangels return to the Kernel and usher everyone out with the exception of Spiral Origin and Eiji as their data had been altered due to taking control of the Kernel. Due to them doing this, both the Digital World and Real World would reject them, meaning they were now trapped in the Kernel forever though Cherubimon stated they would both be deleted as punishment for their actions once they had regained control of it (though had no clue how long this would take, as the duo had done large amounts of damage to it meaning it could take "all eternity" to fully fix it). Eiji didn't care about the fact he was trapped there, as he no longer had any reason to want to return anyway since he had achieved his life goals and simply decides to wait for his fate to be sealed. He pretends to not care about the others, though after Sara tells him about how much she cares about him (and tries in vain to come up with a plan to save him) he blushes and thanks the group for being so nice to him despite all he had done as they separate forever. Destiny Calls, Future Weavers

Months later, Sara and Tapirmon regularly hang out with Michi when Michi has time off from College. Destiny Calls, Future Weavers

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