Sanzomon b.jpg
Level Ultimate
Type Monk
Attribute Vaccine
Cards (Ja:) 3-077

Sanzomon is a Monk Digimon. It is journeying around the Digital World in order to achieve enlightenment. It overcomes many difficult ordeals, and as training it imposes asceticism on its own body, day and night. Although Sanzomon doesn't carry any weapons at all, it unleashes various techniques by reciting sutras. The purified energy necessary to achieve enlightenment is accumulated in its DigiCore, and it's rumored that if you steal this then you will be released from every injury or terminal disease and acquire immortality, which draws in Digimon that are impelled by greed, and those chasing after it are numerous. However, enemies are not the only ones who are drawn to Sanzomon, as there are also troubled Digimon with their own various issues. It is said that among those, there are also Digimon searching for answers and truth that adore Sanzomon and journey along with it.[1] It placed the "Kinkoji" (緊箍児? lit. "Tight-bound Child") on Gokuwmon's head when it was born.[2]


  • To Shishun-kyou (杜子春経? lit. "Tu Tze-chun Sutra"): Brings the hearts of wild Digimon back to their senses by making them listen to endless words of gratitude.
  • Kochou Mu-kyou (胡蝶夢経? lit. "Butterfly's Dream Sutra"): Manifests the ordeals that it has suffered and showers them on the opponent.
  • Mugen Danmaku Shin-kyou (無限弾幕心経? lit. "Endlessly Barraging Heart Sutra"): Displays an illusion that its scattered rosary beads are endlessly attacking the opponent from all directions in order to crush their spirit.


Two of the characters on its five-part crown read "Evil" ( Waru?) and "Seal" ( ?).


Sanzomon (サンゾモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Digimon Fusion

Sanzomon is Gokuwmon's master and a good friend of Shoutmon's. She imprisoned Gumdramon in another dimension as punishment for causing trouble in the Digital World, and placed the Kinkoji to his tail to teach him a lesson. The Kinkoji was intended to suppress his power until he found his true partner, who turned out to be Tagiru Akashi, at which point it would instead increase his power. After placing the Kinkoji on Gumdramon's tail, she freed him from his prison. Resemblance? No Resemblance? The Masquerade-Thief Betsumon

Digimon Heroes!

Sanzomon digivolves from Tailmon and can digivolve to Shakamon.

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