SantaAgumon is a Digimon.


Agumon is a short and stout Tyrannosaurus rex-like Digimon standing about 3 feet tall, and has amber orange skin and light green eyes. It also has flattened forearms with broad, three-clawed hands. Its legs and arms are shown to be very vascular. Its tail is stubby, and its head and snout are almost as large as the rest of its body. It also wears a Santa hat. Some media also depict it holding a sack.


SantaAgumon (サンタアグモン)

Name used in DigiWindow. No official romanization available.

  • (En:) Santa Claus.
  • (Ja:) Aguagu (あぐあぐ?), the onomatopoeia for biting.



SantaAgumon can be unlocked by communicating with the Digimon Pocket Wars cellphone game.

Digimon Soul Chaser[]

SantaAgumon can digivolve to Greymon and Centarumon.

Digimon New Century[]

SantaAgumon appeared on Christmas themed loading screens during the Christmas 2022 events.

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