Salamon X
(プロットモン(X抗体) Plotmon (X-Antibody))
X-Antibody b
Salamon X b
Level Rookie
Type Mammal
Attribute Vaccine
Family Nature Spirits
Virus Busters
Debut Sx-19: Plotmon
Cards (Ja:) Bx-14

Salamon X is a Mammal Digimon and carrier of the X-Antibody. Its cuteness as a pet that gives feelings of happiness to those who see it has increased. Not only that, but its holy power has also increased, and after Salamon walked, it acquired its "Puppy Paw" technique.[1]


  • Puppy Howling: A super-high pitched bark, it completely paralyzes the opponent.
  • Puppy Paw: Forms a barrier against Virus-species, however, it is not aware of it itself.


Salamon X is an enhanced version of Salamon with a larger Holy Ring.


Plotmon (X-Antibody) (プロットモン(X抗体))

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese media. Some media format the "(X-Antibody)" without parentheses,[2] shorten it to "X"[3] or leave it out entirely.[4]

  • Plot (プロット Purotto?). From the Plott Hound dog breed (プロット・ハウンド Purotto Haundo?), and also a pun on "Prototype" (プロトタイプ Purotaipu?), as Salamon is said to be an experimental Digimon.
  • X-Antibody.
Salamon X

Name used by this wiki. For further details, see DW:X-FORM.


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