(プロットモン Plotmon)
Salamon (ReArise) b
Appears in:Digimon ReArise
First appearance "Destiny Realized! I'm Herissmon!" [1]
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Natsumi Takamori[1]
Partner(s):Michi Shinjou

Salamon is Michi Shinjo's Partner.[2]


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Salamon doesn't like baths. Salamon also likes to tease Michi about her fear of ghosts.


  • Puppy Howl (Puppy Howling): Completely paralyzes the opponent with a super-high pitched bark.


Other Forms


Gatomon de

Gatomon is Salamon's Champion form.

Jealous of Dorumon being able to digivolve to Dorugamon, Michi decides she wants Salamon to digivolve to Champion as well. Upon learning that Pusurimon digivolved to Herissmon during combat to protect the Protagonist, Michi decides she needs to get Salamon more combat experience so that Salamon can digivolve into Champion, and takes Herissmon and the Protagonist with them to Digital Points, though their first attempt instead results in Otamamon digivolving into Gekomon. Salamon's Training Session!

Their next attempt is when Nozomi Tamada mentions she heard there were Ghost sightings recently, leading Salamon and Herissmon wanting to find Ghost Digimon to fight. Going into a Digital Point, they find a Bakemon, who scares Michi, leading Herissmon and Salamon to defeat it, though it runs away. After defeating some Spirals, more Bakemon sneak up on Michi and scare her. The three Bakemon then team up with the Spirals and attack the group, and after a Bakemon attacks Salamon, Salamon attempts to run away in fear. Michi doesn't back down, and that courage causes Salamon to finally digivolve to Gatomon, after which, Gatomon defeats the Bakemon. The Bakemon then return to the Digital World disappointed. Ghosts! Friendship! Gatomon!

Some time later, multiple Digital Points appear all over the City at once, so the group split up to deal with them at once, with Michi and Gatomon going to the one in the library. As Gatomon defeats Spirals, she starts to be annoyed by Michi "being all over the place", and whilst they argue a Guardromon Spiral attacks Michi, though Datamon saves her and defeats the Spiral. Gatomon then tells Datamon to take care of Michi as she fights the Spirals, though this annoys Michi. They then defeat the rest of the Spirals, and return the library back to normal. Leomon's Determined Fist!

When Tyrannomon goes on a rampage in a Digital Point Salamon digivolves to Gatomon to help defeat the Spirals. Tyrannomon takes no damage from the attacks of Reppamon, and Dorugamon appears and protects Reppamon by attacking Tyrannomon, after which Dorugamon fights Tyrannomon, whilst Reppamon, Leomon, Gatomon, Agumon, and Herissmon fight the Spirals. Even more and more Spirals appear, overwhelming the group. Agumon senses the courage between Herissmon and the Protagonist which causes Agumon to digivolve to Greymon, and Gatomon helps the others clear the path to Tyrannomon so that Greymon can try and talk to it, but it doesn't work as Tyrannomon attacks Greymon as he tries to reason with his friend. After defeating most of the Spirals, the Champion level Digimon help out Greymon, and they come to the conclusion that they will have to kill Tyrannomon to stop its rampage, though Greymon is able to talk them into giving him one more chance to talk to Tyrannomon. As Greymon and Tyrannomon fight, Tyrannomon attempts to digivolve which causes the remaining Spirals to resonate, and their dark energy cause Tyrannomon to dark digivolve to SkullGreymon. A Frenzied Menace! Tamers Unite!

After Greymon is reverted back to Agumon by SkullGreymon, Gatomon catches Agumon, preventing him from taking damage by hitting the ground. Herissmon then digivolves to Filmon, which causes the Spirals to freeze, and allows Leomon to join the battle. Whilst the group of Champion level Digimon fight against SkullGreymon, Agumon digivolves into MetalGreymon and kills SkullGreymon, ending the Digital Point. The group then hope they can meet Tyrannomon again once its reborn. Herissmon, Digivolve to..!

When Michi, Salamon, Herissmon, the Protagonist, Keito Tamada, and Elecmon go to the park where Nozomi Tamada and Pumpkinmon were playing when a Digital Point opened up, Salamon digivolves to Gatomon to help fight the Spiral alongside Pumpkinmon, Leomon, and Filmon. The Digital Point is eventually stopped by GrapLeomon. GrapLeomon's Will to Protect!

Hearing that Herrismon was sick, Michi and Salamon rush to the Digital Point that Herrismon, the Protagonist, Elecmon, and Keito are in as they wanted to help. A Starmon type Spiral spawns and Salamon attempts to digivolve to Gatomon, however Takumi and Dorugamon suddenly appear and interrupt Salamon's digivolution, wanting to defeat the Spiral instead. Neither are able to however as Elecmon defeats it during the duo's argument. Salamon digivolves to Gatomon to fight the other Spiral in the Digital Point and backs up GrapLeomon and Dorugamon as they fight against the Spiral. DoruGreymon's Crimson Wings of Fury!

When it snows, the group all have a snowball fight, however in the middle of it Herissmon is suddenly enveloped in a dark aura and wanders off. After the group follow Herissmon they discover he had lead them to a Digital Point, in which Frigimon-type Spiral were attacking a Wanyamon and a Motimon. The Spiral split the Digital Point in two, causing the group to split up, and Elecmon, Dorumon, and Salamon digivolve to Leomon, Dorugamon, and Gatomon to fight the Spiral in an attempt to reunite with their friends. As they attack the barrier they realise that Champion level attacks aren't enough, and so Leomon and Dorugamon digivolve to Ultimate and break through the barrier, which allows the group to reunite. Filmon had given into its anger again however, and attacks Gatomon on sight, assuming that Gatomon was another enemy trying to kill the group of In-Training Digimon that Filmon and Reppamon were trying to protect. As Filmon comes to its senses, the group are surrounded by a group of SkullGreymon-type and Frigimon-type Spiral - and Reppamon and Filmon digivolve to Stefilmon and Chirinmon and defeat the rest of the Spiral. An Onslaught of Spirals! Digimon Under Attack!

After DoruGreymon is easily defeated by a Chaosdramon in a Digital Point, Takumi asks the group for help and they return to the Digital Point together so they can fight the Chaosdramon and stop it before it attacks the Town. Salamon digivolves to Gatomon and fights the Spiral there with the rest of the group and eventually they find Chaosdramon, though Gatomon decides to stay back and allow the rest of the group fight Chaosdramon, with Gatomon instead fighting the rest of the Spiral that spawn in the Digital Point. Crisis in the Real World: The Mega Digimon Blocking the Way!

Worried about the fact that Herissmon would frequently wander off on its own and not remember doing so, the group come to the conclusion that Herissmon's ability to detect Spiral may be the reason and so decide to defeat all the nearby Spiral in the hope it would help Herissmon. Salamon digivolves to Gatomon and teams up with Leomon, Filmon, and Reppamon to cleanse the nearby Digital Points - however as they continue to clear them out Filmon is surprise attacked by a SkullMeramon Spiral which causes a Digital Point to open up around Filmon, forcing it to digivolve to Stefilmon. The Spiral possess Stefilmon and forces it to go on a rampage and so Leomon and Reppamon digivolve to GrapLeomon and Chirinmon and fight Stefilmon, however the Spiral's influence increases Stefilmon's power and the duo are easily defeated. As the group worry about what to do Michi blames herself though Gatomon and the Protagonist tell Michi that her upbeat straight forwardness gives the group the strength to go on and Michi regains her confidence, which causes Gatomon to digivolve to Angewomon. Stop the Rampage! Banish Evil with Holy Light!


  • Lightning Paw (ネコパンチ Neko Punch?, lit. "Cat Punch"): Uses its long claws and attacks the opponent.
  • Cat's Eye: Manipulates the opponent with a piercing glare, causing the opponent to attack themselves.


Angewomon de

Angewomon is Salamon's Ultimate form.

After Michi doubts herself after the Spiral possessed Stefilmon defeats GrapLeomon and Chirinmon, Gatomon and the Protagonist reassure Michi that it's not her fault, which gives Michi her confidence back and causes Gatomon to digivolve to Angewomon. Angewomon uses its "Heaven's Charm" to remove the influence of the Spiral over Stefilmon- though it doesn't last very long as the Spiral once again takes control of Stefilmon. Chirinmon uses its Holy Wave, which reverts Stefilmon back to Herissmon and the Spiral is ejected from Herissmon, after which Angewomon kills the Spiral. Stop the Rampage! Banish Evil with Holy Light!


  • Heaven's Charm: Crushes the opponent with a deadly cross of holy light which is packed with beauty and affection, and demonstrates its strongest efficacy against the evil powers of Digimon.
  • Celestial Arrow (Holy Arrow): Shoots a holy arrow made of thunder whose powerful lightning-strike is also known as "Heaven's Punishment".

Notes and references

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