Sakuttomon b
Level In-Training
Type Weapon
Attribute None
Debut Digimon Reference Book
(February 3, 2017)
Prior forms Sakumon[1]
Next forms Zubamon[1]

Sakuttomon is a Weapon Digimon. A Fresh Digimon that digivolved from Sakumon, and that now has two blades. Its balance has been stabilized by the blades now positioned on its left and right side, as well as with the addition of its small feet. While it has stopped rolling around and become more active, getting stuck in a ceiling or wall will cause it to be unable to move.[2]


  • Sakusaku (サクサク? lit. "Cut-cut")


Sakuttomon is a golden oval creature with brown eyes, a mouth, a fang that is exposed even with the mouth shut, small legs, and two golden sword-like horns on the sides of its head.


Sakuttomon (サクットモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

  • Ja: Sakutto (さくっと?). An onomatopeia for the sound of cutting.


Sakuttomon was announced in the March 2017 issue of V Jump as Zubamon's In-Training form.[1] It debutted on the Digimon Reference Book in February 3, 2017.


Digimon Pendulum Ver.20th

Sakuttomon digivolves from Sakumon and can digivolve to Zubamon.

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