Sakusimon t

8-39 Sakusimon (Ghost)

Appears in:Digimon Universe App Monsters
First appearance "I'll Get You and Your Disguise Too! Caméramon's Halloween Scandal!" [04]
Last appearance "A New Power! Appli Drive DUO!" [39]
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Tsubasa Yonaga
App Fusion Partner (+ Mienumon)
App Fusion Partner (+ Leviathan and Cometmon)

Sakusimon is one of Leviathan's underlings.


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Whenever Sakusimon speaks Haiku, three drum beats are heard in the background, and the words to the poem appear around him.



Sakusimon is one of Leviathan's underlings. On October 31, Sakusimon is at Nakamura-Fujimizaka, and watches as Mienumon reports to Leviathan. I'll Get You and Your Disguise Too! Caméramon's Halloween Scandal! He later finds Haru, Eri, and Astora, then challenges them to a fight with them getting separated from their Appmon, and nearly has them crushed until Rei shows up with Raidramon and frees them. Dive into the Net Ocean! Follow Super Hacker Rei! Later on, he is defeated by an Applink between DoGatchmon and Raidramon as the Applink hijacks Sakusimon's information on Rei's younger brother, Hajime. However, that data is then deleted by Leviathan, and his chip is taken by Mienumon.

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