Sakkakumon is a Mutant Digimon. It possesses power over Steel which bears the might of AncientWisemon. It possesses thinking like that of a machine, which lacks emotions. By instantly analyzing the enemy, it accurately points out their weak points. However, it is very fragile when the enemy makes an action that falls outside of its calculations. Its ten spheres each have the same attribute as the other Legendary Warriors, and are able to perform attacks with, and conversely, absorb attacks with those attributes. When the enemy's attack misses or its own attack hits, it gives out a low-pitched, creepy laugh from its eerie mouth.[6]


  • Rumble Blend #1-10: Rearranges body to absorb and/or fire back elemental attacks. It can only perform this move on attacks of a single element; attacks of multiple elements are unable to be absorbed.
    • Thunder Fist[7] (Mjöllnir Thunder): Beetlemon's attack; fires a shot of electricity.
    • Hurricane Wave (Brezza Petalo, Ita: Breeze Petal): Kazemon's attack; fires long, thin tornadoes.
    • Blizzard Blaster (Snow Bomber): Kumamon's Blizzard Blaster; fires frozen snowballs.
    • Thunder Fist Reflection (ミョルニルサンダー返し Mjöllnir Thunder Gaeshi?, lit. "Mjöllnir Thunder Reversal"): Absorbs Beetlemon's "Thunder Fist" and returns a strengthened version.
    • Hurricane Wave Reflection (ブレッザ・ペタロ返し Brezza Petalo Gaeshi?, lit. "Brezza Petalo Reversal"): Absorbs Kazemon's "Hurricane Wave" and returns a strengthened version.
    • Atomic Inferno[8] (Brahmastra): Aldamon's attack; releases thousands of rocketing fireball missiles.
    • Avalanche Axes (Avalanche Step): Korikakumon's attack; tosses the "Eji" and "Oji" tomahawks.
    • Pyro Tornado (Salamander Break): Agunimon's attack; releases a fiery tornado.
    • Bolo Thunder (Ultimate Thunder): MetalKabuterimon's attack; releases lightning energy that resembles a two-weight bola.
    • Spin Caliber San-bai Gaeshi (スピンカリバー3倍返? lit. "Spin Caliber Threefold Reversal"): Absorbs Arresterdramon's "Spin Caliber" and returns a version strengthened threefold.
    • Hard Rock Damashī San-bai Gaeshi (ハードロックダマシー3倍返し? lit. "Hard Rock Damashī Threefold Reversal"): Absorbs OmniShoutmon's "Hard Rock Damashī" and returns a version strengthened threefold.
    • Mantis Dance San-bai Gaeshi (マンティスダンス3倍返? lit. "Mantis Dance Threefold Reversal"): Absorbs Tuwarmon's "Mantis Dance" and returns a version strengthened threefold.


Sakkakumon's design is modeled after the sephiroth. Each of Sakkakumon's ten spheres corresponds to one of the ten elements, and its central Tiferet sphere bears the Crest of Light while its topmost Keter sphere bears the Zero Unit.


Sephirothmon (セフィロトモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese and some American English[9] media.


Name used in Digimon Frontier and most American English media.

  • Ja: Sakkaku (錯覚? lit. "Hallucination").


Digimon Frontier[]

Main article: Sakkakumon (Frontier)

Digimon Fusion[]

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Digimon Xros Wars (manga)[]

Several Sakkakumon attack the Fusion Fighters United Army as part of Laylamon's forces during the Army's assault on the Jupiter Zone. Xros Wars!! The Prologue to the End!!

Digimon Adventure:[]

Digimon Masters[]

Sefirotmon is an obtainable Digimon at the B-Hybrid level.

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