Sagomon b
Level Ultimate
Type Demon Man
Attribute Virus
Debut 3-050: Sagomon
DigiFuse forms DigiFuse Chart
Partners Tagiru Akashi

Sagomon is a Demon Man Digimon. It was banished from the Digital World's heaven, and fell to the backwoods of North Bridge Island. Although it usually has a cheerful, joke-cracking personality, if it touches the skulls wrapped around its waist it goes into a fury like a raging fire. That is because if even one of the nine skulls wrapped around its waist is lost it will be transformed into a terrifying Digimon. It possesses the "Kouyouhoujou" staff (降妖宝杖? lit. "Monster Subduing Treasure Staff") which demonstrates terrifying destructive power in the super-heavyweight class. It is troubled by worrying, "What am I?", so it went on a journey to discover the answer.[1]


  • Kouyouhoujou: Kamon no Jin (降妖宝杖・渦紋の陣? lit. "Kouyouhoujou: Whirlpool Formation"): Raises a waterspout by freely spinning the Kouyouhoujou.
  • Kouyouhoujou: Taki no Jin (降妖宝杖・滝の陣? lit. "Kouyouhoujou: Waterfall Formation"): Strikes the ground with the Kouyouhoujou to shatter it and release a raging current.
  • Getsugazan (月牙斬? lit. "Crescent Moon Slash"):[2] Stabs at the opponent with the Kouyouhoujou's crescent moon-shaped blade.



Sagomon (サゴモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Digimon Fusion

Main article: Sagomon (Fusion)

Digimon Heroes!

Sagomon digivolves from Tortamon and can digivolve to Xuanwumon.

Notes and references

  1. Digimon Reference Book: Sagomon
  2. In the original version of Journey to the West, Sha Wujing's weapon is a rod made of a bay leaf branch on the Moon, named "Xiáng​yāo​ Bǎozhàng​" (降妖寶杖? lit. "Monster-Subduing Treasured Staff"). It was usually depicted as a Crescent Moon Spade (月牙鏟 Yuèyáchǎn?) in revised editions and related media. In Japanese, these terms are read as "Kouyouhoujou" (降妖宝杖?) and "Getsugasan" (月牙産?). Although "Getsugazan" literally means "Moon Fang Slash" (月牙斬 Getsugazan?), it is a pun on "Getsugasan", and is meant to be interpreted as "Crescent Moon Slash" (月牙斬 Yuèyázhǎn​?), as if it was in Chinese.
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