Ryudamon is the partner Digimon of Shuu Yulin.


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Digimon Seekers[]

When Shuu Yulin joined the DigiPolice, Tomonori Ryusenji gave her Ryudamon. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-8

When Satsuki Tamahime reports to Shuu Yulin about her battle with Eiji Nagasumi and Loogamon Yulin is surprised at how powerful Loogamon was, despite being at the Rookie level, and is also surprised that Eiji's name wasn't listed among the top executives of the Sons of Chaos with how powerful he was. She praises Satsuki for somehow figuring out his real name though is less impressed upon learning he had simply told her for seemingly no reason. She berates Satsuki for going passed the Mindlink limit once again and tells her that doing so risks death and that she needs to stop doing it as she doesn't want any member of the DigiPolice to die. Satsuki apologizes though Yulin ignores her and opens up the file on Eiji to learn more about his life. Within the file was a recent video of him in the real world outside the Tokyo University of Electrical and Computer Engineering with this surprising Yulin, since he wasn't a student there. Yulin notices something and tells Satsuki to zoom in on Eiji's arm with them doing so revealing he owned a Digimon Linker. Ryudamon hololizes within the office to watch the video as well which causes Yulin to compare Loogamon and Ryudamon. This has her notice they have similar interfaces on their heads. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-18

One one trip to visit Tomonori, she introduces Ryudamon to him, explaining that he was the one who had given it to her. He brings up that Kosuke had a Dorumon and notes that they're similar because of their interfaces with both being Prototype Digimon. Tomonori was impressed that she had learned about Prototype Digimon and becomes even more impressed when she points out that she knows Loogamon was one as well and that the three of them were Vaccine, Data, and Virus. He tells her that he had trusted Loogamon to Eiji as he had shown a lot of promise like her and Kosuke and that he had had taken Loogamon from the Wall Slums. Not wanting to hide anything from his friend he tells her that his DS values were similar in level to Leon with Yulin surprised at just how strong Eiji's levels were. He even excitedly explains that Eiji's levels are getting even better as time goes on and that he may even match Saya's levels — the highest they had ever had. She asks why he had given Eiji Loogamon and a Digimon Linker and he simply says it was because he was bored. He talks about how the young will one day overtake the young and that it is his job to help them on that path for the sake of not just his research but for the Digital World as well and happy with these answers — Yulin begins to leave though is stopped in her tracks when Tomonori says he doesn't care who explores the Digital World and as long as someone does, even if they were a criminal. As he plays with his Betamon, Yulin receives a phone call from Satsuki and learns that something strange was going on in the Digital World — though not before Tomonori tells Yulin that he couldn't stop Kosuke even if he wanted to and if she wanted him to be taken out she would have to do it herself. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-8

Yulin leaves Tomonori's office and returns to the DigiPolice station. As she gets back, she asks Satsuki what the issue was to which she learns a large group of hackers were causing trouble in the Wall Slums. Wanting to know their motive, she is shown a video in which the Sons of Chaos are shown to be hacking the server — and not just them — Tartarus had managed to use his charisma to convince multiple branches of the Crack Team to work together on their mission. Wanting to stop them, Yulin and Satski send the DigiPolice out to attack them. As they fight the Hacker Digimon, Yulin asks for an update but learns that no members of the Sons of Chaos were actually present and instead Digimon that live in the Wall Slums were taking part in the battle alongside the Crack Team. The DigiPolice are surprised, with Ryudamon stating it had learned said Digimon had agreed to join the uprising since it was the chance for them to return to the Digital World having been banned from returning due to being contaminated with data from the human world. Not wanting to let the Sons of Chaos win, Yulin sends in even more units to the battle. She also tells them that they are not allowed to fight Tartarus/Dorumon and that they should tell her immediately so that she could fight them herself. She then Mindlinks into Ryudamon. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-12 She eventually tracks down Kosuke, and has Ryudamon warp digivolve to Ouryumon to fight him. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-1

After Dorugoramon defeats Ouryumon, Ouryumon de-digivolves to Ryudamon, and having won, Dorugoramon de-digivolves to Dorumon and check and checks on Ryudamon to make sure it's still alive. Figuring he still needed to keep them out of his way, Kosuke uses a program to restrain Ryudamon — just in case it were to awaken. With phase 2 of Operation Tartarus now complete, Kosuke declares it was now time to start phase 3. He contacts Marvin and asks if he's still alive, to which he confirms he is. He then learns about how the rest of the battle was going — the DigiPolice had around a third of its members left, whilst the only remaining members of the Sons of Chaos were Kosuke, Marvin, Eiji, and a few of the other leaders. Though some members of the Crack Team and Wall Slum Digimon remained, there weren't enough of them for them to guarantee a win against both the DigiPolice and the Gatekeeper Digimon. Dorumon tells Marvin to bring Eiji to them, with Marvin asking if they were going to use "you know what". Upon hearing confirmation they would, Marvin activates a tool from his suit — with a loud roar being heard.

Marvin and Airdramon deliver Eiji and Loogamon to Tartarus, then leave to return to the battlefield. The other SoC leaders with Kosuke log out, with all of them having things to do in the real World. Tartarus thanks them for their work, with the only ones remaining being Kosuke, Eiji, and the unconscious Ryudamon. Eiji looks on, and sees the DigiPolice retreating. He sees Ryudamon and asks if it was alive, to which Kosuke confirms it is. He asks what they need to do next, with Kosuke stating the next step was to crack into the gateway. He states they need to use the interfaces of the three Prototype Digimon, and that the fact they were so old meant the Digital World hadn't accounted for them which would make their hacking easier. He tells him of how he needs Vaccine, Data, and Virus Prototype Digimon and that all three of them were now present. Eiji asks what he and Loogamon needed to do, but he tells them they don't need to to anything — to their disappointment. The only thing that was needed was their presence, and they could just watch as Kosuke did the hacking. This has Eiji realize that's why Ryudamon was restrained, it didn't need to be awake or even do anything — it simply just had to be there.

Loogamon, Dorumon, and an unconscious Ryudamon form a circle around a Hololized Tartarus — with Eiji complaining and saying if they had told him about all this from the start, he would've helped. Kosuke tells him that that wouldn't have worked, since they needed all three Prototypes to be able to digivolve to Ultimate, and he had only recently achieved that stage. Kosuke begins the hacking once Marvin returns, and, as Loogamon and Dorumon would be unable to fight during the process — Marvin and the other SoC members with Marvin were the only defence they had. Marvin hadn't returned to Kosuke alone, he and the SoC members he brought with him brought a Chaosdramon. Within seconds of arriving, it attacks the nearby Gatekeeper Digimon — taking them out with ease. Eiji wonders who was Mindlinking with it, but Marvin tells him no one was as it was too volatile and instead — he himself was controlling it with a bot. With no more enemies at the current point, he has Chaosdramon go on standby, but warns Kosuke that "you know who" would show up soon. With no enemies currently in sight, Kosuke begins hacking. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-4

As Kosuke continues hacking into the system, the Sons of Chaos are attacked by Gatekeeper Digimon. Chaosdramon and the SoC hackers Marvin brought with him are able to deal with them however, with Kosuke's hacking at 33% — which was 3% higher than when he had tried it in the past with only Dorumon.

Gatekeeper Digimon continue to arrive, but the SoC deal with them every time. As more and more fights happen, Kosuke hacks even more, now at 66%. Loogamon senses something, and tells the others that "it's coming". As Eiji worries about Loogamon's warning, Dorumon tells them there's nothing they can do about it, with the situation becoming worse as their SoC allies needed to log out due to their Mindlink times running out. This would leave Marvin as the last line of defence. Before they can log out, they are attacked by a Mekanorimon. Eiji was confused, since he thought the DigiPolice had retreated, and quickly learns that it was being piloted by a Mindlinked Satsuki/Numemon. The Mekanorimon collapses, being heavily damaged, but had still been able to do this last attack. Numemon gets out of the now fallen Digimon, with Marvin asking why she was here. She tells him she was here to recuse Yulin, with Marvin laughing as she only had a Numemon with her. This wasn't the case though, and she pulls out a Digimon Dock and tells the unconscious Yulin/Ryudamon that she had tendered her resignation as she had broken the rules of the DigiPolice by stealing their secret Digimon. She activates it, unleashing a Brigadramon.

Brigadramon aims its attacks at Eiji, Satsuki still wanting to kill him, but Marvin has Chaosdramon shield him. This was enough to pin Chaosdramon down, and with only Airdramon left — Numemon/Satsuki charge in to try and free Ryudamon. Eiji and Marvin are shocked to learn the DigiPolice had a Mega level Digimon the entire time, with Satsuki faking annoyance that Chaosdramon's Red Digizoid was able to withstand its attacks. With Brigadramon in range, Chaodramon grabs its arms but Satsuki reveals she wanted this to happen and had tricked him since it had missile launchers in its claws and as such would now be able to fire all of them at Chaosdramon at point blank range. Before it can do so, Eiji yells at them to stop fighting as "it" was here. Omegamon of the Royal Knights had arrived.

Omegamon attacks Kosuke, but Marvin is able to have Chaosdramon block the attack. As it falls to the powerful Royal Knight's attack, it is able to launch one final attack itself but Omegamon avoids it. Satsuki has Brigadramon attack Omegamon, though its attacks do little to it. Though she had no desire to help the SoC, she continues to have Brigadramon attack the Royal Knight as she didn't want Omegamon to kill Ryudamon/Yulin alongside the others. Brigadramon overheats, with it now unable to continue fighting. Omegamon comes out of the smoke unharmed, with there now being nothing to stop it killing Kosuke. The hacking was at 97%, and as Omegamon charged at Kosuke the mission seemed like it was going to fail. Kosuke however, reveals he had a trump card — and pulls out two Digimon Docks. He summons two Mega level Digimon and has them block Omegamon's attacks. With the hacking now at 99%, the gateway scans the three Prototype Digimon with its analysis bringing up holograms of their Ultimate forms. This confirmed they met the requirements, with the gateway giving Kosuke the key. The hacking was complete. Omegamon kills Kosuke's Mega Digimon but it is unable to reach the group in time as upon Kosuke activating the key — he, Eiji, and the Prototype Digimon vanish. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-5

Kosuke and the others find themselves in a void beyond the Gateway, with Eiji wondering if they had managed to reach the depths of the Digital World. As the Hackers and their partners discuss their surroundings, Kosuke pulls up a monitor — and after searching it informs the group they were in the Source Domain. Upon that realization, Yulin and Ryudamon wake up — with Kosuke giving a quick update on what had happened. Yulin is enraged, but is unable to do anything as Ryudamon was still restrained. Kosuke apologizes for doing so, and tells her he had no choice as he had to do the hack. She asks what happened to Satsuki, and is surprised to learn she had stolen Brigadramon. As the two talk, Eiji expresses shock at the fact Kosuke and Yulin actually knew other by name — the leader of the DigiPolice and the leader of the Sons of Chaos. Figuring there was no point in keeping secrets, Kosuke tells Eiji a brief story about the duo's time working with Tomonori Ryusenji back when they were students. With how long the conversation had gotten, Eiji asks if they can really stand around and do this since Omegamon could come for them at any moment. Dorumon alleviates his fears though, telling him that only Prototype Digimon could be in the Source Domain — and as such, Omegamon couldn't get in. It even states that King Drasil wasn't allowed in. Eiji breathes a sign of relief, though goes back to worrying when Dorumon says it actually has no idea if the Royal Knights were allowed in or not and was simply theorizing. As Kosuke states that they had finally reached the place where they could get the Sacred Chalice, Loogamon notices the nearby area's smell as changed. As it sniffs it more, the area Loogamon was sniffing changes shape. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-6

As Loogmon and Eiji react in fear at the changes, Loogamon realizes it had seen the newly formed object before — it was the same device in Tomonori's office that displayed Vaccine, Virus, and Data. The three orbs on it, one for each Attribute, envelop the three Prototype Digimon, with it confirming the trio match the requirements. Now all Kosuke had to do was hack into the source code of the system so he could get access to the Sacred Chalice. Phase 3 of Operation Tartarus was now complete, with Phase 4 now beginning.

As Eiji watched Kosuke hack, he realized that Tomonori had given him Loogamon and told him to infiltrate the Sons of Chaos all for this moment — so that he could digivolve Loogamon to the Ultimate level and help Kosuke free Saya. Yulin continues to try and break Ryudamon free from the restraints so that she could stop Kosuke from hacking into the Digital World, but still found herself unable to do so. As Kosuke states he would hack into the system, slipping passed King Drasil and the Royal Knights, Yulin continues to try and break free as she didn't want her former friend to become a target of the Royal Knights. She also didn't want him to upset the balance between humans and Digimon, just to free one human as the risk of the Digimon retaliating against the Human World was too strong. Kosuke insists it will all be worth it to save Saya, his fiancée and the Professor's daughter, this fact shocking Eiji since he wasn't aware of Saya's connection to Kosuke — never mind the Professor. This finally had Eiji realize just how important she was to Kosuke and Tomonori. Not actually caring about Saya, Loogamon tells Kosuke to hurry up as it was only interested in saving Leon and Pulsemon. Yulin tries to reason with Eiji, hoping he can put a stop to what was happening, but he and Loogamon tell her they had come too far to turn back now. Kosuke continues his hack, with the Attribute logos connecting together followed by lots of objects coming out of the ground — eventually forming a stone circle around the group. Dorumon and Loogamon, Loogamon pulling the restrained Ryudamon, approach the newly formed altar with the now woken Ryudamon telling them they can do what they want as they had bested it in combat. Dorumon states it will pay back the love Kosuke had given it by helping free Saya, but not just that — it would free the Digital World and change it.

Eiji asks Kosuke if he knew how to find Pulsemon's data, to which he states he doesn't as he only had the information for Saya's BlackAgumon. Loogamon points out it remembers Pulsemons scent, feeling that'd be enough, whilst Eiji pulled out the medicine he was given by Tomonori to cure someone of DMIA. As Loogamon sends the scent data over to Kosuke, Yulin reacts in shock having learned Tomonori was part of the operation. As Kosuke continues to hack, letters only the Prototype Digimon would understand appear with the trio decoding it. Kosuke's monitor suddenly shuts off however, ending the hack, with Tomonori arriving and greeting the group with a cheery "good morning". Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-7

Everyone is confused by Tomonori's presence, which the professor fails to understand, as he is the one who asked them to raise the Prototype Digimon for him. Tomonori then restrains Loogamon and Dorumon with the same tool used on Ryudamon, bypassing both of their security systems. Loogamon realizes the restraint tool was installed in them from the start. Tomonori states the restraint tool is part of the research tools installed in the Digimon handled by Ryusenji Electronics and the Digimon Linker. Eiji realizes the Digimon Linker's monitoring of his health and Loogamon's progress is all being sent to DDL. Tomonori reveals he can forcibly take control of their Digimon whenever he wants, even when they are mindlinked, and that their Partner Digimon are his tools.

Yulin realizes that while the Prototype Digimon are meant to access the Source Domain, the Digimon Linkers are meant to be a bridge between the Real World and Digital World, granting Tomonori access to the Source Domain. Eiji realizes Tomonori's image is a video feed projected from their Digimon instead of being properly hololized. Loogamon regains its memory of being captured by DDL employees in the Wall Slum and having the restraint tool installed in it. Kosuke angrily reacts to Tomonori's actions. Tomonori starts to decrypt the Data part of the Source Domain's code with Dorumon's interface and states it's only right the leading expert on Digital World research be the one to do this. Kosuke gets angry because they were supposed to be on the same side, and he also wants to save Saya. Eiji asks Tomonori about Saya, trying to learn the full story.

Tomonori explains how he covered up the accident with the Tartarus probe to protect Kosuke and Yulin, and his promise to look after them even after they left Ryusenji Electronics. He also tells Kosuke and Yulin he's proud of having invested so much in them, and asks them to see his current actions as him calling back the favor they own him. Eiji continues his question, realizing it makes no sense for Tomonori to fight Kosuke if they are both trying to save Saya. Tomonori reveals he has no interest in looking for BlackAgumon, which confuses Eiji. Yulin asks Tomonori about a hunch she has had. Tomonori calls the universal directory information tree and summons an unconscious Pulsemon to the Source Domain, revealing one can easily search any Digimon by their identification code in the Depths of the Digital World.

Tomonori then summons BlackAgumon, also unconscious. The professor confirms his suspicion that a Partner Digimon survives their mindlinker's death. His words shock all in the room. Tomonori shows for a brief moment a video of Saya in a capsule full of colored fluid, revealing the videos he had been sending to Kosuke were fake, and Saya has been dead for a long time. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-8

Kosuke refuses to believe it, with Tomonori finding Kosuke's reaction boring — since he had predicted that's how he would react. He did find satisfaction in the fact the fake hope that she was alive allowed him to control Kosuke though, since it had allowed him to achieve his goals. Eiji yells out to Kosuke that they had found the BlackAgumon the Sons of Chaos had been looking for, with this snapping Kosuke back to reality. Still refusing to believe she was dead, he takes out the medicine that would sever her and her BlackAgumon's Mindlink connection. Tomonori tells Kosuke that the medicine was real, and would indeed work, and that the only thing he had lied about was the fact she had already died but asks him if he would be able to live with the consequences — what would happen if her consciousness had no body to return to? As he looked at the BlackAgumon, he found himself unable to administer the medicine. He didn't have it in him to find out if Tomonori was lying or not.

Tomonori's hacking finishes, with Dorumon screaming in pain — the pain causing it to pass out. Kosuke apologizes to his partner, with Tomonori telling the group they had no idea what Kosuke was going to do with the source domain once he had it. Kosuke tells Tomonori he hadn't needed to do any of this as he was simply going to give the credit to him anyway — since he only cared about Saya — though Tomonori didn't care as he was done with Kosuke. He would turn his attention to Ryudamon, and begin hacking it just like he had done to Dorumon moments before. Yulin asks Tomonori why he was doing this — since his daughter was dead — with Tomonori telling the group he was interested in the Source Digimon. Yulin tells him that trying to find it was too dangerous, to which he agrees, but had no desire to stop in his goals despite how dangerous it could be as it would satiate his boredom. Yulin tells him she had lost all respect for him, whilst Eiji declares him a traitor. Tomonori didn't care though, and tells them he was going to Mindlink with the Source Digimon.

Tomonori asks Eiji how he had betrayed him, to which Eiji changes his mind and decides he actually hadn't. He realizes that someone as talented and rich as Tomonori would never take interest in someone like Eiji unless it was to have him digivolve Loogamon, and so couldn't betray him as he was never really on Eiji's side in the first place. Tomonori tells him that he was the perfect candidate to raise Loogamon, since his entire family were dead and his DS levels with Loogamon were high and that had he told him about the plan — neither he nor Loogamon would've developed as well as they had. Seeing that Eiji had understood what had happened, he became confused as to why he had taken the side of Kosuke and Yulin. As Tomonori questions Eiji, Loogamon gets up and tells Tomonori to shut up. Having heard enough, Loogamon asks why Tomonori hadn't put a stop to its digivolution to Helloogarmon — since he had clearly been watching the battle — with Tomonori telling that watching the battle was more fun that stopping it, even had it resulted in Leon's death. This enraged the duo further, with Tomonori disappointed that they had supposedly betrayed him. He tells them that Leon knew his secret and had grown too strong — and so had to be dealt with.

Eiji and Loogamon still had the desire to save Leon and Pulsemon. Their hearts become one, with this allowing Loogamon to break free from the restraints. This shocks Tomonori, with Loogamon telling him that it can delete any foreign objects within its body with its flames. Tomonori pauses his hack on Ryudamon, and turns his attention to Loogamon. Eiji readies his Digimon Linker, and tells Tomonori that this wasn't going to end well for him. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-9

Tomonori had already hacked Dorumon, and, having paused his hacking of Ryudamon to hack Loogamon instead, tries to using his hacking tools to restrain it so that he could do so. As Eiji wonders how they would be able to stop him, since they couldn't attack a hologram, Loogamon tells its partner that the battle would most likely be against Tomonori's pawns. As he says that, Dorumon — having woken up during the conversation — attacks Loogamon. Eiji asks Kosuke why he had told Dorumon to attack them, though Kosuke — who had not been paying attention to what was going on as he was still wallowing in despair — looks at the commotion and asks why Dorumon was attacking them. This has Eiji realize Kosuke wasn't behind it, with him coming to the conclusion that someone else must've been controlling its actions. He asks Tomonori if he was the one doing it, to which he confirms he was as he had hacked into Kosuke's Mindlink — allowing him direct control of Dorumon's actions. He forces Dorumon to digivolve, with Dorumon digivolving all the way to the Mega level.

With Dorugoramon by his side, Tomonori asks Eiji if he was going to fight him or if he was going to join his side and allow him to complete the hack of the three Prototype Digimon. He tells him that if he helps him get access to the Source Digimon he would forgive his betrayal and would allow him to continue working for him. He states he would give him a free apartment, as much food as he wanted, and that if he took this offer one of the women working for him might fall in love with him — specifically naming Hatsune. He gives him to the count of ten to make his choice, with Eiji actually considering accepting since he could skip university and work for such a prestigious company and maybe even become one of the higher ups or use the money to make his own business. As it seems he was going to accept the deal, Loogamon reacts in shock, with Eiji explaining that he had already had a taste of the good life and wanted more. Tomonori reacts happily, and tells Eiji he will make sure he has a high salary, though Eiji reveals he was bluffing and instead was going to forge his own path by using the Digital World to bring people to together. Not amused by the deception, Tomonori gives him one last chance to reconsider but Eiji refuses and has Loogamon digivolve.

Soloogarmon attacks Dorugoramon, but its attack does nothing to its Mega level opponent. Tomonori sarcastically congratulates the duo on their attack. Yulin tells Eiji about Dorugoramon's attacks, and that it is very effective in both short and long range combat — with this leaving very little in the way of defeating it. Eiji is surprised upon hearing Yulin helping him, though she quickly points out the fact that Soloogarmon would lose from just one attack. Refusing that notion, Eiji and Soloogarmon declare they'll win and start mocking Tomonori. He sees through their ruse though, and tells them that since he isn't Mindlinking they wouldn't be able to stall him out and that all that would happen is that Kosuke would fall into DMIA — since Kosuke was actually the one Mindlinking with Dorugoramon. Even if that were to happen, Tomonori would still have control of Dorugoramon. Their plan thwarted, Soloogarmon uses its thrusters to fly into the air — in the hopes that it would be be able to avoid Dorugoramon's attacks and defeat it from the air. As Soloogarmon avoided the attacks, they notice Dorugoramon had suddenly stopped paying attention to them and realize it was now aiming its attack at Ryudamon and the others. Eiji was confused, since killing Ryudamon would make accessing the Source Digimon impossible, and realizes his actual target was Pulsemon. He was going to use Pulsemon as a hostage to get what he wanted. Not wanting his friend to die, Soloogarmon changes from aerial attacks to a direct attack but is easily defeated by Dorugoramon at close range. Tomonori tells Eiji he is lucky that he can't kill Soloogarmon, since he still needed it, and mocks the death of Eiji's parents. This further angers Eiji, with Tomonori telling him he had won since no matter what he did he still had Pulsemon. Tomonori motions to Pulsemon but reacts in shock when he sees that it, BlackAgumon, and Ryudamon were no longer there. One of Eiji's Tyrannomon arrives, with Tomonori realizing he had had his Tyrannomon do stuff whilst Tomonori was distracted with Soloogarmon. As Tomonori wonders where they had gone, he figures there was only one place they could be — the altar. Eiji and Soloogarmon try to tell the Tyrannomon to flee but they're too late, with Dorugoramon getting there within seconds. Dorogoramon attacks the Tyrannomon at the altar, though Soloogarmon is able to get there in time and block the attack — saving its allies. Tomonori becomes confused, since Eiji could easily replace the Tyrannomon, but Soloogarmon tells him to leave its friends out of their battle. Now even more determined to win, Eiji and Soloogarmon's hearts become even more linked — and with an even higher desire to save their friends — Soloogarmon digivolves to Fenriloogamon. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-10

Eiji and Tomonori have a back and forth about their ideals, with Eiji declaring he would take Tomonori out. Tomonori tries to bribe Eiji again, but it fails once again after Loogamon snaps Eiji out nearly falling for it again. The talking over, Fenriloogamon attacks the mind controlled Dorugoramon.

Two of Eiji's Tyrannomon take the Mindlinked Yulin/Ryudamon, Pulsemon, and BlackAgumon to the nearby stone circles, with the third limping there having taken damage from Dorugoramon's previous attack. The group now safe, Yulin watches the battle between the two Mega level Digimon from afar. Kosuke Kisakata's hololized hologram had hitched a ride on the back of the injured Tyrannomon. He apologizes to Yulin, then approaches BlackAgumon with the syringe he hadn't been brave enough to use on it, wanting to put an end to the years of his life dedicated to saving his fiancée. Rather than use it though, he ends up just telling "Saya" how her father had taken everything from him. Yulin tries to comfort him, then tells him to watch with her to see what Eiji and Fenriloogamon could do. As they watch the battle between the two Mega level Digimon, Yulin and Kosuke praise Eiji for all he had achieved despite the many setbacks in his life — as well as how strong his resolve was to save his friends. Figuring he still had one more thing left to do, Kosuke uses the syringe on Pulsemon.

Pulsemon runs into battle, and joins Fenriloogamon's side. As the battle continues, Tomonori starts to hack, reminding the duo he had gained access to the source code, and as he does, Kosuke's hologram collapses. Yulin freaks out, confused as to what was going on, with Eiji and Leon/Kazuchimon noticing something was happening to Dorugoramon's DigiCore. Large amounts of data begins to pour into Dorugoramon's DigiCore via its interface, with everyone realizing that if it continued — Dorugoramon would die as its body would be unable to handle that much data. Wanting to save Dorugoramon, the two Mega Digimon try to attack it — but are too late. Dorugoramon, in a bid not to die, began Death-X-evolution. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-11

It then watches as Eiji and Leon and defeat DexDorugoramon, reverting it back to Dorumon. As they see the threat had been dealt with, they also notice Tomonori had left. Kosuke arrives and declares that Phase Four of Operation Tartarus was now complete since they had secured BlackAgumon. BlackAgumon and Kosuke thank Eiji for all he had done, though they have to cut it short when Eiji has Fenriloogamon Takemikazuchi revert to Loogamon and Pulsemon then cuts the Mindlink as he had ran out of time. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-12 Epilogue

Around a year after later, Eiji invites his human friends to a birthday party in a yakitori restaurant. Their partners go to the Wall Slums and sit waiting for their partners. Bored, Loogamon brings out food and home made Loogamon branded alcohol — starting a party of its own. They, alongside the other Wall Slum Digimon, watch as Eiji's three Tyrannomon dance. Pulsemon asks Loogamon if it had regained its memories, since it regained some every time it digivolved, though Loogamon simply says "maybe" instead of actually answering. It tells it that it was the past, it would rather focus on the future, and that it wanted to help Eiji have a good life. Pulsemon was amazed by this answer, and the two go back to drinking. After a little more alcohol, Pulsemon asks if Loogamon had invited Kosuke — and as Loogamon tells it that Eiji had invited him it is surprised when a Mindlinked Dorugoramon shows up. It, Kosuke, and BlackAgumon had now shown up to the Digimon's party — with Kosuke asking where Eiji was. Loogamon tells him he was on his way, and as they wait — they do a toast. As they toast, Eiji and the others arrive. Epilogue

Other forms[]


Ginryumon b

Ginryumon is Ryudamon's Champion form.[1]


Hisyaryumon b

Hisyaryumon is Ryudamon's Ultimate form.

The DigiPolice fight some code crackers during a patrol. After a Mindlinked Shuu Yulin/Hisyaryumon capture some of the Digimon, Hisyaryumon analyzes them and deduces they were foreigners after state secrets. Though warned by Hisyaryumon that interfering in foreign affairs was against the law, Yulin decided she would still deal with it since what happens to them wouldn't matter once they returned home. As she looks at Hisyaryumon, Yulin reminisces about her past and wonders what Kosuke Kisakata and Dorumon were up to — Hisyaryumon's interface reminding her of Dorumon. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-2

When Kosuke Kisakata hacks into the Gateway to the Digital World, he needs three Prototype Digimon who can digivolve to the Ultimate level. The Prototypes themselves would give the hacking 33%, with the final 1% coming if they could all digivolve to Ultimate. With the hacking now at 99%, the gateway scans the three Prototype Digimon with its analysis bringing up holograms of their Ultimate forms. This confirmed they met the requirements, with the gateway giving Kosuke the key. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-5


Ouryumon b

Ouryumon is Ryudamon's Mega form.

When the Sons of Chaos prepare to hack into the gateway to the Digital World again via the renewed Operation Tartarus, they convince the entire Crack Team to join their cause — as well as the Digimon in the Wall Slums. Kosuke Kisakata's plan required three Prototype Digimon at the Ultimate level, that also had to be Vaccine, Data, and Virus. As such he needed Shuu Yulin's Ryudamon, since it filled the Vaccine part — with him already having access to Eiji Nagasumi's Virus Attribute Loogamon. This lead him to set up a large scale hacking attack on the gateway, knowing it would get her attention.

Once the battle starts, Dorumon warp digivolves to Dorugoramon then remains in the nearby caldera — with the duo watching the battle from their vantage point. As they watch, they are ambushed by Ouryumon. Dorugoramon survives, to the shock of the Mindlinked Yulin, with the former comrades having back and forth banter. As the two Mega level Digimon fight, Ouryumon deflects one of Dorugoramon's attacks — with the attack carrying on, taking out a large amount of Gatekeeper and Crack Team Digimon. It continues even further still, and collides with the wall of the caldera — creating a hole in it. The hole was so big, it causes the wall to start crumbling. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-1 The duo continue to fight, with the fight now in the air. They find themselves directly above where Eiji and Loogarmon were fighting Tachibana and Sakurada's ​​Hi-Commandramon and Kosuke, despite being in the middle of a battle with Yulin, yells out from above for the duo to achieve their ultimate forms — with this motivating Eiji and Loogamon and having them decide they were now actually ready to handle Ultimate level power. This motivation allows Loogarmon to digivolve to Soloogarmon. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-2

The light of the digivolution had been so bright, it put a stop to the fight between Dorugoramon and Ouryumon. Yulin was surprised to see Eiji had achieved the Ultimate level, whilst Kosuke celebrated the fact. Yulin would quickly snap out of it, reminding Kosuke that they were in the middle of a fight — to which Kosuke informs her he never intended to fight her in the first place and instead she was part of his plan. Demanding an explanation, he tells her that they now have three Prototype Digimon at the Ultimate level — with them being Vaccine, Data, and Virus Attributes. Having no clue where he was going with this, she asks what's he's plotting though he tells her he was not plotting anything and was moving onto the next phase of Operation Tartarus and he had not given up on Saya. She tries to comfort him over the loss of Saya, but he snaps at her and tells her she knows nothing about the current version of him. Realizing that Kosuke needed Ouryumon for his plan, she figures out that Kosuke was unable to win their current fight — to which he confirms. Yulin argues back that she will be the one to save Saya, not him, but he informs her that Operation Tartarus would save her and that Dorumon was the one that had told him about it. He would go to depths of the depths of the Digital World and find the Sacred Chalice, which Dorumon claims will be able to save her. Despite the reveals, the fight continues but just as Ouryumon was primed to score the killing blow — Yulin hesitates, with Kosuke telling her she will not be able to kill him. Not because she's a cop, and as such would not want to kill someone, but because by killing him Saya would die too as he was the only one who would be able to save her. Since Ouryumon's killing blow failed, it became an easy win for Dorugoramon — who defeats Ouryumon with a counter attack. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-3


  • Golden Armor (黄鎧 Ougai?, lit. "Yellow Armor"): Rampages like the earthflow of a mighty river, cutting everything apart while charging the opponent.
  • Eiseiryuoujin (永世竜王刃 Eiseiryūoujin?, lit. "Immortal Dragon King Blade"): Fires an attack from the "Gairyu Sadaijin" (鎧龍左大刃 Gairyū Sadaijin?, lit. "Armored Dragon Left Greatsword") and "Gairyu Udaijin" (鎧龍右大刃 Gairyū Udaijin?, lit. "Armored Dragon Right Greatsword").

Notes and references[]

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