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Ryudamon is Shēngjiàn Fāng's Partner Digimon.


Ryudamon was originally a Samudramon. However, he was defeated by DexDorugoramon, and reverted to a Digiegg. After temporarily Death-X digivolving into DexDorugamon, he was reborn as Ryudamon, who called Shēngjiàn "master". He would later become Hisyaryumon, and later Ouryumon.

Other forms


As they were falling from the air, Shēngjiàn knew they needed a digimon who could fly, so he forced his digiegg to digivolve into DexDorugamon. After falling for a trap, however, DexDorugamon reverted to Ryudamon.


When Zhìguāng believes he has killed Huī, he causes his Dorumon to digivolve to DexDoruGreymon but then realises that the Huī before him is an illusion. Shēngjiàn switched the real one to anger Zhìguāng. He then sends out his digimon, a Samudramon who then fights DexDoruGreymon but is unable to stand up to the power of DexDorugoramon (who Zhìguāng caused to digivolve).


Hisyaryumon is the partner is of Shēngjiàn Fāng, and is formerly a Ryudamon. Ryudamon became him while the two were undergoing a test given to them by the Holy Knight, Duke of Courage MedievalGallantmon. They were challenged by a number of prehistoric-themed digimon, including a SkullBaluchimon. Hisyaryumon defeated them. Later, he became an Ouryumon.


Shēngjiàn was under the control of a MetalPhantomon in Chapter 2 and Zhìguāng receives a message from Shēngjiàn on his Digital Monster D-Cyber Version 1.0 to head North and find him at MetalPhantomon's lair. A battle ensues and Huī tells Zhìguāng not to argue with Shēngjiàn and that he wants to remain in the Digital World, believing Shēngjiàn that MetalPhantomon will give them power. Zhìguāng strikes Huī and tells him to wake up. In doing so, Huī is rendered unconscious. Shēngjiàn believes Huī murdered and orders his Digimon to come out, a Samudramon. Zhìguāng's Digimon Death-X digivolves to a DexDoruGreymon in his grief and guilt. In trying to recover Huī, Zhìguāng realizes Shēngjiàn's trap and that the Huī before him isn't the real one, an illusion. Shēngjiàn switched the real one to anger Zhìguāng. Shēngjiàn tells his Samudramon to kill him and send him to the "God of Death", but his Samudramon is defeated by Zhìguāng's DexDorugoramon.


Shēngjiàn's partner is originally a Samudramon, but is defeated by Zhìguāng's DexDorugoramon. It reverts into a Digi-Egg, and temporarily becomes a DexDorugamon through Death-X Evolution. Finally, it is revived as a Ryudamon. Ryudamon eventually becomes a Hisyaryumon, and after receiving power from the Holy Knights, gains the ability to become Ouryumon. Then, finally, Ouryumon becomes the blade that allows Alphamon Ouryuken to destroy Dexmon.