Ruthless Tuwarmon
(デッドリーツワーモン DeadlyTuwarmon)
6-37 Analyzer-12 JP
Debut Digimon Fusion,
"Ewan and The Land of Illusion" [37]
Prior forms Tuwarmon + Axemon[1]
Partners Midnight
Voice actors (Ja:) Masami Kikuchi (Xros Wars)
(En:) Richard Epcar (Fusion)
Ruthless Tuwarmon Beast Mode

Ruthless Tuwarmon is the DigiFuse of Tuwarmon and Axemon. Ewan and The Land of Illusion


Ruthless Tuwarmon is the DigiFuse of Tuwarmon and Axemon, with the primary focus being Tuwarmon. It features Tuwarmon's yellow, bipedal, ninja-based form combined with Axemon's legs. It wields Tuwarmon's Mantis Arms alongside Axemon's bow-like blade.


DeadlyTuwarmon (デッドリーツワーモン)

Name used in the Japanese version of Digimon Fusion. No official romanization available.

Ruthless Tuwarmon

Name used in the American English version of Digimon Fusion.


Digimon Fusion

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