Ruli Tsukiyono (月夜野 瑠璃 (ツキヨノ ルリ) Tsukiyono Ruri?) is one of the main characters of Digimon Ghost Game. She is partnered to Angoramon.[3][1]


Ruli is a teenage girl with fair skin, pink eyes, an average-sized bust, and long brown hair. Her hair is wavy on the back and at the ends of the sidelocks and has blunt bangs that cover her eyebrows. She also wears a pink ornament on her hair. Ruli wears a green dress with sleeves that go just past the elbow and five green bows on each sleeve, blue leggings, and brown shoes.

Her school uniform is a white collared shirt, a green bowtie, a beige buttoned jacket with a pocket on each side, a light blue pleated miniskirt with white borders and a single stripe, dark green knee-highs, and brown loafers.


Ruli is first year junior high school student who goes to a combined junior and senior high school for girls. She is 13 years old. She runs an account called "Lirurun" (りるるん Rirurun?) that's rapidly gaining in popularity on social media. She's sociable, and has many friends. She looks for things that suit her taste, and wants to stick her nose into everything.[1] She plays the piano, which Angoramon likes to listen to.[4] While she is an outgoing girl who is dexterous and can pretty much do anything, she actually has trouble finding things that she deems are suitable for her, and so has a sense of ennui about that.[5]


Ruli Tsukiyono (月夜野 瑠璃 (ツキヨノ ルリ))

Name used in Digimon Ghost Game. Officially romanised by Toei Animation on the Digimon Ghost Game website.

  • Ja: Tsukiyono (月夜野?). Japanese surname that means "moonlit night field". Possibly a reference to the Moon rabbit due to her Partner, Angoramon, being a rabbit Digimon.
  • Ja: Ruli (瑠璃 Ruri?). A Japanese feminine name that means "lapis lazuli". Her name being a precious stone may be a reference to the Moon rabbit, which is also known as "Jade Hare" or "Gold Hare".


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