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Rosemon is partnered to Mari Goutokuji of the Alias III.


While Neo Saiba was leading Daemon's troops to Lord MagnaAngemon's castle, Rosemon confronted Zeromaru as a diversion. Rosemon's personality was much like that of her Tamer. Before she appeared in front of Tai Kamiya and his friends she captured a Ninjamon who had wanted to warn Lord MagnaAngemon and presented the badly wounded Digimon to the group. Although she acted foolish at first, she later showed her true fighting abilities and almost made Zero her love slave. Zero managed to fight off her seduction and defeated her. When Mari turned against Neo, Rosemon helped Omnimon in the fight against Neo Saiba and Arcadiamon. She helped ensnare Arcadiamon with her vines, but Arcadiamon managed to break them and impale her. Rosemon, in her dying moment, ripped off the arm Arcadiamon had impaled her with in order to give Omnimon a better chance of besting their mutual foe.


  • Rose Velvet: Covers the ground in thorns.
  • Rosy Cradle: Summons a storm of roses to send her foes to sleep.
  • Thorn Whip: Ensnares her opponent with her whip and summons lightning to strike them.

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