Rosa (チチョス Chichosu?, lit. "Chichos") is a young Mexican DigiDestined, partnered to a Gotsumon. Rather immature and a bit egocentric, she quickly becomes attached to Ken Ichijouji and takes a dislike to his Digimon partner, Wormmon.


Rosa is a young girl with tanned skin, black eyes, and brown shoulder-length hair, which is worn in braids with pink hair ties. She wears a pink T-shirt with yellow sleeve borders and collar, short enough to reveal her navel. She also wears blue jeans shorts with three buttons in the fly and a pocket in the back, and beige and brown sandals.


Digimon Adventure 02[]

Prior to Ken Ichijouji and Yamato "Matt" Ishida's arrival in Mexico, Rosa and Gotsumon had snuck out of their house and entered a Mayan Temple with the intention of waiting for the two of them to arrive and assist her despite being so late at night and during Christmas Eve. Rosa and Gotsumon met Matt, Ken and their partners inside the Mayan Temple and she tells them that she had snuck out of her house unlike her fellow Mexican DigiDestined who couldn't leave their homes.

In the original version, she doesn't speak Japanese and only Ken can understand her since he understands and knows how to speak Spanish. Her crush on Ken made Wormmon jealous and sparked a little animosity between them. Wormmon calls her "Tacos" and she calls him "gusano" (Esp: "worm") and Matt tells Ken not to tell Wormmon what it means.

When Jose leads them to the Digimon in the Temple, Ken says that the Temple must not be destroyed and Matt provokes the Digimon into chasing him so that he could lead them out of the Temple. As they make their way out of the Temple, Rosa falls down and Ken carries her on his back. Once the rogue Digimon were out of the Temple, their partner Digimon digivolved to fight them. The rogue Digimon are soon subdued.

Rosa, who is still being carried by Ken on his back, got to see Stingmon in action and falls asleep. She mutters in her sleep about Wormmon. Wormmon thinks she is still insulting him but Ken tells him that she said "Wormmon is amazing".

She is returned to the door of her home where her worried parents find her and are relieved to have her back. As she sleeps in her bed, she dreams about Ken and Stingmon while her parents watch over her from the door of her bedroom. Gotsumon sleeps on the other side of Rosa's bed, away from the view of Rosa's parents with a part of Rosa's blanket covering the top of his head. Digimon World Tour, Pt. 3

In the final battle against MaloMyotismon, Rosa is in the Mayan Ruins again. She holds out her Digivice which sends out a beam of golden light to the sky after she calls out Gotsumon. Shortly after, the other Mexican DigiDestined send out the light of their Digivices. They and Rosa are the last among the international DigiDestined to do so. She stands with Matt and the Russian DigiDestined when she lands in the Digital World. A Million Points of Light

Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna[]

In August 2010, Rosa is one of the many DigiDestined that has their mind seized by Eosmon and interred within the Never World so that she can live within her memories with Gotsumon. After Agumon (Bond of Bravery) and Gabumon (Bond of Friendship) destroy the combined Eosmon's Mega form, Rosa is freed and regains consciousness in the Real World. Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna

Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning[]

On February 29, 2012, Rosa's digivice fades away, just like all other digidestine's digivices, after BigUkkomon's defeat.

Partner Digimon[]


Gotsumon is Rosa's partner Digimon who is capable of digivolving to Monochromon. On Christmas Day, Ken and Matt went to Mexico and met a Gotsumon in some Mayan ruins. After digivolving into Monochromon, he helped Stingmon and WereGarurumon fight Dokugumon and Minotarumon.

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