RookChessmon (White)[1] is a Puppet Digimon. It has an appearance like a fortress which boasts impregnable defense. Although it's a gigantic Digimon, it is very fast, and it defends against the opponent's strikes, then attacks. Its favorite saying is, "The opponent is nothing after me!"[2]


RookChessmon (White) has not been officially released, so its design is unknown. Its name appears on Dα-454.


RookChessmon (ルークチェスモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise. Digital Monster Card Game α differentiates it from its black variation by labeling this one "White" (シロ Shiro?).

Notes and references[]

  1. This name contains elements used for organizational purposes. Official names may or may not coincide with the organization parser we have chosen. The current official name we have for this species is "RookChessmon".
  2. Digimon Reference Book: RookChessmon