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Riley Ohtori
(鳳 麗花 Ohtori Reika)
Riley Ohtori t.gif
Appears in: Digimon Tamers
First appearance "Guilmon Comes Alive" [01]
Actor(s): (Ja:) Ai Nagano
(En:) Tifanie Christun (Series), Philece Sampler (Runaway Locomon)[1]
Age 26[2]
Gender Female
Occupation Hypnos Chief Operator

Riley Ohtori (鳳 麗花 Ōtori Reika?) is an employee of Hypnos. She is also the love interest of her manager, Mitsuo Yamaki, who she assists throughout the series, and to whom she also serves as an emotional counterweight to his obsessive, persistent demeanor.

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