Richard Sampson (薩摩 廉太郎 Satsuma Rentarō?) is a fictional character in the anime series Digimon Data Squad.

Richard Sampson is Marcus Damon, Thomas H. Norstein, Yoshino "Yoshi" Fujieda, Miki Kurosaki, and Megumi Shirakawa's superior officer, responsible for giving them orders and supervising all operations from the base. More often than not, his purpose was to delegate to his subordinates from the command center.


Sampson was a private investigator who worked with Homer Yushima. After investigating multiple missing persons cases, they came to learn that the disappearances were the result of the opening of numerous gates that led to the strange realm known as the Digital World. Sampson and Yushima joined an expedition into the Digital World, where they came to know Marcus's father, Spencer Damon. However, they were forced to return to the Human World without him. After this, Spencer somehow managed to send something to the human world—Sampson and Yushima's partners, Kudamon and Kamemon, as well as the data for the Data Link Digivice. Sampson then became the Captain of the Japanese branch of DATS.

When Akihiro Kurata's machinations led to his team being dissolved, Sampson was arrested. Presumably broken out by his Digimon partner, Kudamon, he rejoined his team. When they resolved to try and enter the Digital World, Sampson and Kudamon were forced to remain behind, and hold off the three mysterious beings known as Kouki, Ivan, and Nanami, who had the power to turn into Digimon. Sampson and Kudamon battled them, and were last seen in an explosion. The two later return with Kudamon being able to digivolve into Kentaurosmon.

He later revealed that he met and tried to reason with King Drasil, but was thrown out of the digital world. When Kentaurosmon was injured saving Marcus, Thomas, Yoshi, Keenan and their partners, Gallantmon attacked the Human World. He digivolved Kudamon to his Mega level and witnessed the two be frozen in ice and sink deep beneath the waves. He eventually reunited with Kudamon and when the digimon decided to leave the human world, Sampson spent his last hours with Kudamon in the DATS control room, sitting peacefully with his companion in his usual place.

5 years later, he was shown to still be in charge but this time, it was as a police officer, with Miki, Megumi and Yoshi.

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Sampson is an NPC.

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