(ライヒモン Raihimon)
Rhihimon b.jpg
Title Guardian Emperor of Darkness
(闇の守護帝 Yami no Shugotei?)
Level Hybrid[1]
Type Warrior
Attribute Variable
Family None
Prior forms Anyone + Spirits of Darkness[2]
Loweemon + JagerLoweemon[2]
Partners Koichi Kimura[3]
Cards (Ja:) Bo-870
(En:) DM-172
Other Names
• (Ja:) Laeighmon
• (En-Zh:) Raihimon[4]

Rhihimon is a Warrior Digimon. It possesses power over Darkness that has transcended legend by inheriting all the might of AncientSphinxmon and acquiring unknown abilities. There are none who have seen this hero, and due to the fact that it doesn't leave behind so much as evidence of the opponents it has confronted, it is called the "Guardian Emperor of Darkness".[5]


  • Darkness Bluster (Schwarz Lehrsatz, Deu: "Black Theorem"): Disables all of the laws of physics in the surrounding region and brings down the opponent.
  • Rot Kreuz (Deu: "Red Cross"): Fires an attack from the eyes of the lion on its head.



Raihimon (ライヒモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese media.

  • (Deu:) Reich (lit. "empire").


Digimon Frontier

Main article: Rhihimon (Frontier)

Notes and references

  1. Rhihimon's Hybrid level is treated as equivalent to the Mega level in the Digital Monster Card Game. Rhihimon is a Mega Digimon in Digital Monster X Ver.2.
  2. 2.0 2.1 The Hybrid-Digivolving Figures: Loweemon and Hybrid-Digivolving Figures: KaiserLeomon toys can be combined into Rhihimon.
  3. Koichi never reaches Rhihimon in the anime or other media. However, the Hybrid-Digivolving Figures: Loweemon and Hybrid-Digivolving Figures: KaiserLeomon toys are molded over Koichi bases, which, when combined with each other, form Rhihimon in a Fusion Evolution.
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