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BATTLE14: Reunion!
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Andromon leads the group to the underground shelter, giving Yuu and Wanyamon medical treatment. Andromon explains that the Digital World is connect to the Real World, and that feeling transmit across the barrier. Dark emotions are called to the Dark Area, which breeds the Dark Digisoul in Tamers, just as Knight uses. Andromon explains that a person doesn't turn dark so easily, so, with rest and restoration of mind, Yuu would be fine. In the face of the damage wrought by the commands and in spite of Ami's fears, Tsurugi reaffirms himself to his mission to fight Barbamon and is welcomed by the Resistance. Andromon then explains that the System World is protected by a barrier—which RizeGreymon, Koromon's Ultimate form, would be able to pierce. Meanwhile, Zanbamon reports on his failure to Barbamon, and Chaosdromon steps in, offering to use Knight in order to find the Resistance's base. A Guardromon then captures Shou, who meets up with Tsurugi and Ami. He asks them the same question Norn asked them three years ago, and then blows up when Tsurugi doesn't remember the promise they made to fight with Digimon long ago. He then reveals himself as Knight and states his purpose: to alert the Commandments to the base's location.

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  • In the flashback, Tsurugi, Ami, Yuu, and Shou have Pendulum X toys.