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Airdate (Ja:) January 29, 2023
(En:) January 28, 2023 (subbed)
Art Mai Ichioka
Toei Animation
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The group investigates a supposed moving corpse.


At Madarius Physics Research Center, Manami Jinno is studying a warped space, but an explosion causes her death, soon before she was supposed to marry Toru Igashira. Her body is not buried because it was supposedly too mangled by the accident. One night, Toru's younger sister, Kotoha Igashira, wakes up and witnesses Manami walking around the house.

At Kotoha's request, Ruli Tsukiyono and the rest of the group go to her house investigate, arriving on the tenth day after Manami's death. They see Manami's corpse and confirm she is in fact dead. Kotoha's parents don't know Toru is keeping Manami's corpse. As they wait for the time Manami starts moving, Ruli, Angoramon, and Kotoha hear strange voices causing the kitchen to shake. Hiro Amanokawa and Gammamon witness a group of Tsumemon on the ceiling. A flock of Vilemon causes Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai to have a nightmare. Kotoha reveals she has had nightmares and heard these voices ever since Toru brought Manami's body.

At 10 o'clock, Toru arrives home. After he touches Manami's face, something inside her body causes it to start moving. The group sees Manami is even able to talk despite being dead and she starts absorbing energy from Toru. Kotoha tries to convince her brother about Manami's death, but he doesn't accept and believes she will eventually fully resurrect. Manami notices the rest of the group and starts absorbing more energy from Toru, Kotoha, and Kiyoshiro, causing ZeedMillenniummon to emerge from her. Gammamon and Angoramon warp digivolve to Canoweissmon and Lamortmon, and along with Espimon start fighting ZeedMillenniummon but are unable to damage it. After they mega digivolve to Siriusmon and Diarbbitmon and finally manage to injure it, Manami starts speaking from inside ZeedMillenniummon.

Manami reveals Moon=Millenniummon emerging from a gate during the experiment is what caused the explosion that killed her, and then it hid inside her body, using it and her memories to trick Toru in order to absorb energy from him to resurrect. After Moon=Millenniummon returned as ZeedMillenniummon, Manami's consciousness also awakened. Manami tries to convince Toru to accept her death, and tells Siriusmon and Diarbbitmon to aim their attacks at her because she is ZeedMillenniummon's weak point. While Hiro and Ruli are reluctant, the tear in space-time created by ZeedMillenniummon forces them to agree. Siriusmon and Diarbbitmon defeat ZeedMillenniummon, causing Kiyoshiro, Kotoha, and Toru to return to normal. Moon=Millenniummon returns to sleep and Hiro decides to keep watch over it. BlackGatomon Uver. leaves after watching these events, and Toru mourns Manami. Gammamon asks Hiro if Manami has gone off on a journey &, as usual, Hiro says yes. Watching from above, Espimon wishes he could digivolve like the others.

Featured Characters[]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Other
  • Bat (7)


(Number indicates order of occurrence.)

Moon=Millenniummon 1 ZeedMillenniummon 6 Moon=Millenniummon
Moon=Millenniummon b Arrow R ZeedMillenniummon b Arrow R Red Moon=Millenniummon b

Gammamon 2 Canoweissmon 4 Siriusmon 7 Gammamon
Gammamon b Arrow RR Canoweissmon b Arrow R Siriusmon b Arrow RR Red Gammamon b

Angoramon 3 Lamortmon 5 Diarbbitmon 7 Angoramon
Angoramon b Arrow RR Lamortmon b Arrow R Diarbbitmon b Arrow RR Red Angoramon b

Hiro's Digimon Study Files[]

Evil God
Time Destroyer
Hiro: "ZeedMillenniumon."
Angoramon: "An evil Digimon that is resurrected from the corpses of data. It travels through time and space to destroy all kinds of worlds."
Jellymon: "I read a story about a man named Saigyo who gathered bones to bring someone back to life. The person he revived was empty and was actually a monster with a horrible scream!"
Kiyoshiro: "Please move on to the other side!"


Other Notes[]

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