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Renamon is a character in Digimon World Data Squad. He is Yuma Kagura's partner.


Yuma had the ability to communicate with Digimon since childhood, and befriended Renamon. She was bullied for this ability and called the "monster girl", but Renamon promised to always protect her. However, he was unable to save her from being kidnapped by a pair of DemiDevimon and taken to the Digital World, where she was infused with the Code Key of Lust and transformed into Lilithmon due to her lust for her dead parents' love.

When the DATS team receives a message about Yuma from Livilus Island, her brother Tsukasa explains how Yuma and Renamon met. When the team arrives on the island, they find Renamon, who explains that he was injured in a battle with Yuma-Lilithmon. DATS reaches the peak of the island and defeats Lilithmon, and managed to prevent Kosaburo Katsura and his Biyomon from snatching the Code Key from them before beating them in battle. Tsukasa then arrives from DATS HQ to comfort his sister, who asks him to help watch over Renamon.

When the DATS team returns to Livilus Island after unlocking the final door at the Dark Area, they find that Lilithmon's essence has revived. Lilithmon laments that Yuma no longer needs her strength, having replaced lust with love, but Yuma refuses to give up her dark side. Happy, Lilithmon decides to pass on her power to Renamon, who gains the power to digivolve to Lilithmon.

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