Regulusmon is an Evil Dragon Digimon. It plots to rule through rage and fears. As an Ultimate-level Digimon, Regulusmon boasts power reminiscent of Megidramon of the famed Four Great Dragons, and its advent alone spells disaster. It is the source of the "GRB contagion", and it is said that Digimon infected by the GRB factor undergo a twisted change in personality and run amok. However, Black Digitron, the secretion said to cause the blackening, has not been confirmed to cause infections in Digimon who have it in their systems.[2]


  • Kalypso Bite (Kalyp Bite): Seizes the opponents by the jaws of its left arm's shield.
  • Iphigenia Pierce (Genius): Fires three penetrating lasers from its left arm's shield.
  • Dead End Spike: Stabs foes with its two-pronged tail.
  • Gran TrES: Spits out a ball of dark hellfire that swallows all things. Not only physical matter, but even light itself is consumed, leaving not a trace behind. It is Regulusmon's most threatening move.


Regulusmon has the appearance of a black dragon with a ceratopsian-based head with magenta markings, a red pyramid gem on the forehead, and magenta-tipped gold horns, three-clawed arms and legs, magenta markings on the head and stripes on the body, a magenta orb on each shoulder and torso, and an appendage with two skinny dragon wings and a tail with a two-pronged golden harpoon-like tip. Its underside, from the neck down to its tail, is colored gold. The left arm wields a gold-framed black shield that opens and reveal magenta fangs. It wears a blue cape wrapped around its neck.


Regulusmon (レグルスモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Digimon Ghost Game

Vital Bracelet BE

Regulusmon is an obtainable Ultimate level Digimon in the Gammamon BEMemory. It digivolves from GulusGammamon and can digivolve to Arcturusmon.

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