Rasenmon Fury Mode
Rasenmon Fury Mode b
Level Mega
Type Bewitching Beast
Attribute Data
Debut Digimon ReArise
(May 20, 2019)
Prior forms Stefilmon[1]
Next forms Rasenmon[2]
Partners Protagonist
Other Names
• (Ja:) ラセンモンGM (激昂モード)[1] Rasenmon GM

Rasenmon Fury Mode is a Bewitching Beast Digimon. A ruthless, nine-tailed Mega level Digimon that became unable to control its dark power due to the large volume of negative emotion data that got mixed in while it was digivolving from Ultimate level. The moment its digivolution is complete, its body comes under the full control of its rampaging power of darkness; what results is an entity of destruction that devastates all in its surroundings solely on impulse. It suffers from inner conflict stemming from its fear of and attempts to reject the swirling negative emotions inside of itself, which gave rise to its destructive impulses and subsequently its vicious personality.[3]


  • Desperate Vortex: Extends its large, spiral-shaped tails and skewers the opponent over and over again.
  • Predator's Bite: Pounces on the opponent, devouring their Digicore directly.
  • Spiral Hell: Rotates the blades on its wrists at high speed, creating tornadoes that indiscriminately tear apart everything in their surroundings.


Rasenmon Fury Mode's design references the Nine-tailed Fox, an East Asian spirit usually characterized as malevolent and chaotic.

Rasenmon Fury Mode's design may have taken inspiration from the Werehog (a hedgehog and werewolf hybrid) from Sonic Unleashed.

Ransemon Fury Mode (Anniv) has Rasenmon's colors.


Rasenmon: Fury Mode (ラセンモン:激昂モード)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise. Digimon ReArise shortens "Fury Mode" to "GM" from "Gekkou (激昂? lit. "Fury") Mode". English media drops the colon.

  • Ja: Rasen (ラセン? lit. "Spiral").
  • En: Fury.
  • Mode. From Mode Change.


Digimon ReArise

Rasenmon Fury Mode digivolves from Stefilmon.

Digital Monster X Ver.2

Rasenmon Fury Mode digivolves from Stefilmon and MameTyramon and can digivolve to Rasenmon and Diaboromon X.

Notes and references

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