Raidenmon 3627 (DCo)
Level Mega
Type Machine
Attribute Virus
Family Metal Empire
Debut Digimon World 3
Partners Chief Officer
Cards (Ja:) Bo-895, Bo-1018

Raidenmon is a Machine Digimon. Raidenmon is devoted to destroying its targets, and will go as far as using suicide attacks for that sake.[1]


  • Gilead Plant (Kirlian Plant[2]): Recovers a large portion of its health and boosts its physical strength by 50% for one attack[please confirm].
  • Rising Sun
  • Big Charge Bomb (Discharge Bomb): Counters attacks by launching a bomb from its tail.



Raidenmon (ライデンモン)

Name used in Digimon World 3. No official romanization available.

  • (Ja:) Raiden (雷電? lit. "Thunder and Lightning").


Digimon World 3

Raidenmon is a boss belonging to the Chief Officer of MAGAMI. In the North American and European versions, its cannons have the initials "MG" instead of "VD".

Digimon Heroes!

Raidenmon is card 6-116.

Notes and references

  1. Bo-895: Raidenmon
  2. The cards misspell this attack with "Buranto" (ブラント? lit. "Blount, Brandt, Brand, Brant") rather than "Puranto" (プラント? lit. "Plant"), as is used in Digimon World 3.
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