Raguelmon b
Level Mega
Type Fallen Angel
Attribute Unidentified
Debut Digimon Adventure tri.,
"Coexistence" [05]
Prior forms Meicrackmon Vicious Mode[1]
Next forms Ordinemon
* (w/ Ophanimon Falldown Mode)[1]
Partners Meiko Mochizuki

Raguelmon is a Fallen Angel Digimon. Raguelmon observes all Angel Digimon with eyes of distrust, in order to prevent the fall of other Angel Digimon. The moment it detects an Angel Digimon that has begun to fall, it will attack and destroy them before they would have fallen completely. However, because it was shunned for its role as an observer, it began to be filled with nihilistic thoughts until its sole line of thought was to reject everything. At that stage, it no longer discerns between friend and foe, turning into a fearsome Digimon that carries out destruction indiscriminately.[2]


  • Form Taranis: Mutilates the enemy using the claws on its arms and the tip of its tail. Once it impales the enemy, it injects destructive data that eats at and corrodes the enemy from the inside.
  • Pahorus[3]: Fire laser bullets from the gemstones situated on its arms and chest.
  • Darkness Zone (暗黒域 Ankokuiki?)


Raguelmon is a humanoid feline-like fallen angel.


Raguelmon (ラグエルモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Digimon Adventure tri.

Main article: Raguelmon (Adventure)

Digimon Pendulum Ver.20th

Raguelmon digivolves from Meicrackmon Vicious Mode and can DNA Digivolve with Ophanimon Falldown Mode to Ordinemon.

Digimon Links

Raguelmon is an Mega-level Digimon whose data fragments can be obtained in the "The Punisher" event. Raguelmon digivovles from Meicrackmon Vicious Mode.

Digimon ReArise

Main article: Raguelmon (Adventure)

Raguelmon digivolves from Meicrackmon Vicious Mode.

Notes and references

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