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(Kodō Ritsu)
Publisher Digimon.net
Release date (Ja:) February 4, 2024
(En:) February 3, 2024
Written by Ten'ya Yabuno
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Feresmon is defeated.


Having caught up to Feresmon due to gaining wings, Bulkmon attacks it in the air. Ritsu Kodo, Gatomon, and Wizardmon watch on in shock at with they're seeing — with Ritsu telling the other two that he had felt Bulkmon's courage flowing through him. They watch as Bulkmon defeats Feresmon, with Feresmon freaking out as it realizes it was dying — yelling out for its master Barbamon to save it. To Feremon's surprise, Barbamon actually does show up — not to save it — but to tell it that they needed to re-think their strategy to take over Witchelny and that continuing to fight was too dangerous. It tells it that Wizardmon was about to awaken to its potential as MedievalGallantmon and that if they continue to fight they would both be taken out by MedievalGallantmon. Not wanting this to happen, Barbamon simply watches as Feresmon falls to the ground. It then leaves.

Leomon and the others, still fighting Feresmon's minions, look up at the style and see Feresmon falling to the floor. Seeing the defeated demon knocked out, they celebrate their victory.

Ritsu and the others travel around Witchelny, telling them of their victory — with all the residents celebrating this fact. Ghostmon congratulates Bulkmon for having been able to digivolve to the Champion level, whilst Leomon thanks it for saving Witchelny. Bulkmon boasts about its partnership with Ritsu and shows off that it can now use its wings whenever it wants, though as it does it de-digivolves to Pulsemon. This has the group realize that it really must've been a temporary glitch caused by electricity and that the it was still cursed. As Pulsemon complains about being at the Rookie level again, Wizardmon reminds it that they now had access to the library. It had already gone there and got the Anti-Digivolution Curse book they were looking for and made them a copy. Ecstatic, Pulsemon declares it will digivolve to become the strongest of all Mega Digimon — with Wizardmon telling Pulsemon that it wants to meet again one. Pulsemon agrees, and after a fist bump between friends — Wizardmon opens a portal to send them back. A the duo get sucked into the portal, Ritsu wonders if he can achieve his dreams just like Pulsemon had.

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Bulkmon 1 Pulsemon
Bulkmon b Arrow R Red Pulsemon b


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