Quantumon is a Fairy Digimon. This Mega Digimon is enshrined in the aerial city known as Larc, which floats high above the vast Net Ocean, shrouded from view by massive clouds. Thanks to the expansive capabilities of Larc, Quantumon is able to absorb massive amounts of data from the Net Ocean, letting it simulate billions upon trillions of potential futures. It works alongside its followers in implementing the best measures to prevent disasters that may one day plague the Digital World.[1]


  • Unlimited Journey: Uses quantum processing to turn space into a gate, forcing the enemy into another dimension. This technique can be used to force other Digimon into a state of evasion, or to dispatch them to another dimension for the purpose of their own research and analysis.
  • Hazy Time: Manipulate the flow of time, causing a quantum collapse at specific coordinates.


Quantumon is a feminine Digimon with blue skin, pointy ears, and long green hair. It wears a golden sun-like mechanical mask, a pink veil, and a white robe with an emblem resembling two red "V" and two red lozenges.

Quantumon's design might be inspired by Dark Sun Gwyndolin.


Quantumon (クオンタモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Digimon Ghost Game[]

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