Punkmon is a Dark Dragon Digimon. It Digivolved by absorbing data about the music and fashion of punk rock culture. It is aggressive and rebellious in nature, as if it were the personification of punk rock anarchy. Rarely listening to what others say, Punkmon is an anarchist at heart who hates being ordered around and following others. Fond of fighting with flair, it will do anything to bring excitement to the battlefield, even if it means taking an attack on purpose to show off its opponent's moves. But when there's no audience, Punkmon can't get excited and has a tendency to let its temper show. During battle, it will flick the tip of its guitar pick-shaped tail against the ground and walls, creating a rhythm to hype itself up. The way Punkmon opens its mask wide to let out a distinctive roar is the epitome of a punk rocker.[1]


  • Blitzkrieg Bop: Shoots flames from the brass knuckles on its hands, branding the foe with PUNK — the DigiCode for PUNK.
  • Anarchist Flame: Unleashes blue fireballs from its mouth.


Punkmon is a purple dragon resembling Growlmon. It has green eyes, a green mohawk growing on top its head, a red neckerchief, black vest with shoulder spikes, and a black metal brace on the mouth. Black belts with grey buckles are wrapped around each forearm, upper leg, ankle, and base of the tail, and the tip of the tail contains a piercing. It wears golden brass knuckles inscribed with DigiCode that reads "PUNK" (PUNK), and the letter "A" in a circle tattooed on its white torso.


Punkmon (パンクモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

  • (En:) A combination of Punk, in reference to its anarchist personalty/design and Punk Rock — a type of music.


Punkmon bears a striking resemblance to Growlmon.[please confirm] Its "Anarchist Flame" attack mirrors Growlmon's "Exhaust Flame", and both are Dark Dragon Digimon. It and its other forms are presumably[please confirm] a reference to early planning for Digimon Tamers, in which its Rookie form Impmon was going to be Takato Matsuki partner Digimon, only for Growlmon's Rookie form Guilmon to end up in that role instead.[citation needed]


Digimon Liberator (web novel)[]

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