Pumpkinmon is Nozomi Tamada's Partner.


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  • Trick or Treat: Manifests a gigantic pumpkin in the air and then squashes the opponent with it.


At some point, Pumpkinmon befriended Nozomi Tamada and Nozomi brought Pumpkinmon home with her to play, much to the chagrin of her brother, Keito Tamada, who was worried due to the fact Pumpkinmon was a Digimon. A few days later Pumpkinmon and Nozomi go to the park, and whilst there a Digital Point opens up, so Pumpkinmon protects Nozomi from the Spiral by fighting and defeating them. Keito tries to take Nozomi home due to the danger of the Digital Point, though Pumpkinmon and Nozomi tell Keito they're fine as Pumpkinmon is strong. After Keito yells at her, telling her that Pumpkinmon wont always be around, Nozomi gets scared and runs way upset, so Pumpkinmon chases after her and continues to protect her from the Spiral. When Keito and the rest of the group catch up, Keito is even more angry at Nozomi though just as Pumpkinmon is about to attack Keito for upsetting her, Herissmon talks it down by stating that Keito and Nozomi are close, and Nozomi forgives him after he apologises to her. Gotsumon type and Starmon type Spiral then appear and Elecmon digivolves to Leomon and defeats the Gotsumon Spiral. Pumpkinmon defeats the Starmon Spiral, which makes Leomon jealous due to how easily it was able to defeat them. More and more Spiral appear, and Pumpkinmon starts to get worn out after defeating so many. Eventually, a Starmon Spiral deals a heavy blow to Pumpkinmon, and when Leomon tries to defeat it, it is unable to do so, and Pumpkinmon defeats the Spiral instead. This upsets Leomon, as it is not as strong as Pumpkinmon, though after a pep talk from Keito, Leomon digivolves to GrapLeomon, and defeats the rest of the Spiral. After the Digital Point closes Keito accepts Pumpkinmon as Nozomi's partner, though threatens to eat Pumpkinmon if it pulls any pranks, which causes Pumpkinmon to flee into Nozomi's Smartphone, promising it wont pull any pranks. GrapLeomon's Will to Protect!

When Rasenmon Fury Mode goes on a rampage Pumpkinmon helps fight the Spiral that had spawned in the City. As Pumpkinmon starts to get tired the Spiral suddenly turn into fragments as Herissmon had awakened inside Fury Mode, digivolved to Rasenmon, and got its message across that the Spiral and Herissmon were the same and that there was more to the World than just sadness and despair. The fragments then form into Pusumon's Digi-Egg. The Unforeseeable Future Part Two

One day whilst playing together Nozomi and Pumpkinmon accidentally end up in a Digital Point, which a PrinceMamemon claims is its territory. They agree to be its retainers as they thought it would be fun though aren't happy after it tries to force other Digimon to become its retainers as well and so Pumpkinmon digivolves to NoblePumpkinmon to try and stop it. Showdown! A Noble(?) Digimon

When Mon tells the Protagonist, Herissmon, Nozomi and Pumpkinmon that is she now living at the Truffle Cafe a Digital Point suddenly opens and the group are attacked by Spiral. Pumpkinmon defeats them alongside Filmon. It then plays with everyone back at the Truffle Cafe. Mon, Lost in Memories: Impending Darkness

When Eiji Futami is able to break into the Kernel, Pumpkinmon sees the beam of light emitted whilst Eiji does so, though when Pumpkinmon and Nozomi run towards its location the light is gone. Suddenly, a Digital Point opens up and rather than confronted by Spirals, Creepymon and Barbamon of the Seven Deadly Digimon appear instead. Nozomi tries to befriend them, unaware of who they are, though after they tell them they plan to invade and take over the Human World she gets mad and tells them not to. Annoyed at the Human child, Creepymon tries to kill her though Pumpkinmon takes the blow instead, and then digivolves to NoblePumpkinmon. Clash Battle: Creepymon

Other Forms


NoblePumpkinmon ra.png

NoblePumpkinmon is Pumpkinmon's Mega form.

After Nozomi Tamada and Pumpkinmon agree to become PrinceMamemon's retainers because they thought it would be fun, it decides it wants even more retainers and forces a group of Gekomon and their Lord, a ShogunGekomon, to be its retainers after they had initially refused. This upsets Nozomi and Pumpkinmon and a fight ensues after they tell it not to beat up other Digimon and to become their friends instead. During the fight Pumpkinmon digivolves to NoblePumpkinmon and defeats PrinceMamemon, after which they tell it that they didn't become its retainers because it was strong but because they wanted to be its friend, leading PrinceMamemon to apologise for being a tyrant, after which it become friends with everyone instead. Showdown! A Noble(?) Digimon

When Creepymon and Barbamon of the Seven Deadly Digimon appear in a Digital Point, Nozomi tries to befriend them though instead, they try to kill her. Pumpkinmon blocks the attack then digivolves to NoblePumpkinmon, though just as the duo are about to kill NoblePumpkinmon, they are saved by Craniamon, UlforceVeedramon, Magnamon, and Gallantmon – members of the Royal Knights. NoblePumpkinmon then fights alongside the four Royal Knights. Clash Battle: Creepymon After a hard fought battle, the five of them are able to make the two Demon Lords retreat when they realize they can't win. Clash Battle: Barbamon

When the Tamers are in the Dark Area, Rasenmon opens a gate to the Kernel so that they could confront Spiral Origin. Spiral Origin sends the Spiral Guardians (G-Spiral-6097, G-Spiral-6098, and G-Spiral-6099) through the other side of the gate to stop them and as the group struggle against them they realize that they need more help to be able to defeat the Guardians. Grizzlymon, wanting to be more useful to the group as it couldn't do much whilst still stuck at the Champion level, forces itself to digivolve to Cerberusmon so that it could open a gate to the Dark Area so that more of their allies can join the battle. After Sandiramon answers the call it allows Cerberusmon to use the DigiCore it had been entrusted with by the Four Holy Beasts to be used to open multiple gates at once which allows NoblePumpkin, as well as multiple members of the Deva, Royal Knights, and Three Archangels, to join the battle. With the group now being much bigger, their combined forces are able to defeat the Spiral Guardians. Spiral Origin revives them however, though the large group of newly summoned allies fight them and allow the Tamers to go to the Kernel. NoblePumpkinmon stays behind with the other summoned allies, as only Rookie Digimon could get through the portal and NoblePumpkinmon was only able to dedigivolve to Pumpkinmon. Vs. Guardians Vs. Guardians

The Tamers are able to defeat Spiral Origin, which causes the Spiral Guardians to disappear alongside it. Destiny Calls, Future Weavers


  • TRICKorTREAT Wallace: Makes a giant pumpkin-shaped bomb appear in the air and blows away the whole area.
  • Atlantic Dam: Pours a huge amount of pumpkin soup into the enemy's body and causes them to explode. The soup can also be used to put out flames and is even powerful enough to be able to put out Creepymon's flames.

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