(パンプモン Pumpmon)
Pumpkinmon ra
Appears in:Digimon ReArise
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Yuki Kaji (Pumpkinmon), Haruhi Nanao (NoblePumpkinmon)
Partner(s):Nozomi Tamada

Pumpkinmon is Nozomi Tamada's Partner.


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  • Trick or Treat: Manifests a gigantic pumpkin in the air and then squashes the opponent with it.


At some point, Pumpkinmon befriended Nozomi Tamada and Nozomi brought Pumpkinmon home with her to play, much to the chagrin of her brother, Keito Tamada, who was worried due to the fact Pumpkinmon was a Digimon. A few days later Pumpkinmon and Nozomi go to the park, and whilst there a Digital Point opens up, so Pumpkinmon protects Nozomi from the Spiral by fighting and defeating them. Keito tries to take Nozomi home due to the danger of the Digital Point, though Pumpkinmon and Nozomi tell Keito they're fine as Pumpkinmon is strong. After Keito yells at her, telling her that Pumpkinmon wont always be around, Nozomi gets scared and runs way upset, so Pumpkinmon chases after her and continues to protect her from the Spiral. When Keito and the rest of the group catch up, Keito is even more angry at Nozomi though just as Pumpkinmon is about to attack Keito for upsetting her, Herissmon talks it down by stating that Keito and Nozomi are close, and Nozomi forgives him after he apologises to her. Gotsumon type and Starmon type Spiral then appear and Elecmon digivolves to Leomon and defeats the Gotsumon Spiral. Pumpkinmon defeats the Starmon Spiral, which makes Leomon jealous due to how easily it was able to defeat them. More and more Spiral appear, and Pumpkinmon starts to get worn out after defeating so many. Eventually, a Starmon Spiral deals a heavy blow to Pumpkinmon, and when Leomon tries to defeat it, it is unable to do so, and Pumpkinmon defeats the Spiral instead. This upsets Leomon, as it is not as strong as Pumpkinmon, though after a pep talk from Keito, Leomon digivolves to GrapLeomon, and defeats the rest of the Spiral. After the Digital Point closes Keito accepts Pumpkinmon as Nozomi's partner, though threatens to eat Pumpkinmon if it pulls any pranks, which causes Pumpkinmon to flee into Nozomi's Smartphone, promising it wont pull any pranks. GrapLeomon's Will to Protect!

Other Forms


NoblePumpkinmon ra

NoblePumpkinmon is Pumpkinmon's Mega form. When fighting against PrinceMamemon to protect Nozomi, three Gekomon, and ShogunGekomon, Pumpkinmon digivolves to NoblePumpkinmon and then defeats PrinceMamemon.


  • TRICKorTREAT Wallace: Makes a giant pumpkin-shaped bomb appear in the air and blows away the whole area.

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