Pulsemon is a Beast Humanoid Digimon. It is a Digimon that digivolved under the influence of heartbeat waveform data stored in hospitals and gyms. It has a lively personality in that it treats anyone without discrimination. Pulsemon's characteristic fringe is linked to its emotions, and droops when it feels down. It is a cunning fighter who battles by capitalizing on its natural agility, and moving around in the shape of a lightning bolt. In addition, many Digimon that are influenced by the vital data of others like Pulsemon, improving their physical abilities and digivolving, have been discovered.[2]


  • Electric Rush (Elec Rush): Rams into the enemy with all its might at lightning speed.
  • Minor Impulse (Petit Impulse): Discharges electricity generated within its body from its fringe.


In Digimon Dreamers, Pulsemon's claws are black.


Pulsemon (パルスモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


During development, Pulsemon went through design changes. Originally, the green parts were pink, the black markings on its head covered most of its forehead, its arms and legs were segmented, and the claws on its hands and shoes were pink.[3]

Pulsemon was designed by Fumiya Kobayashi. It was designed to be a mascot that matches the image of sportiness, wearbility, as well as having a "wow factor" in its digivolutions. As the Vital Bracelet Digital Monster is a sports themed device, it was created with the image of a boy who loves to play sports. To emphasise its connection with humans, he added a heart and wave-like shapes over its body to symbolize vital signs. The shoes were added to give the image of an active boy as well to have people wondering what kind of digivolutions it would have due to the shoes it was wearing, hoping that players would have fun imagining what it could digivolve to.[3]


Digimon Dreamers

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Vital Bracelet Digital Monster

Pulsemon digivolves from Bibimon and can digivolve to Bulkmon, Exermon, Runnermon, and Namakemon.

Digimon Project 2021

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