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Pulse of Revival
(Fukkatsu no Parusu)
"Pulse of Resurrection"
Publisher Saikyō Jump
Digimon.net (Re-release/English release)
Release date (Ja:) October 4, 2022
(En:) September 17, 2023
Written by Ten'ya Yabuno
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A Dragomon has shown up right after Pulsemon and Wizardmon's fight. It had sensed Wizardmon's latent magical powers, and attacks it — having decided it wanted those powers for itself so it could use those powers to become ruler of the sea. Wizardmon trying to remember its powers causes it headaches, which also causes it to do random magic tricks. Dragomon is confused and demands an answer, and learns that Wizardmon has amnesia. Pulsemon digivolves its head into Bulkmon and attacks Dragomon, but its attacks do nothing to the Ultimate level Digimon. Dragomon then easily defeats the partially digivolved Pulsemon. It turns its attention back to Wizardmon, though Pulsemon refuses to give up and attacks Dragomon again. As Dragomon slams Pulsemon into a wall, Wizardmon tells it to stop and begs Ritsu to take Pulsemon away as Dragomon was here for it, not them. They refuse to back down, stating they had to protect Wizardmon as they needed to get to Witchelny to learn how to remove the curse on Cypress Village.

Feeling like it had been in a similar situation before, Wizardmon thinks back and is able to remember the time it and its friends were attacked by Feresmon. As Wizardmon was on the brink of death, Leomon had thrown it through a portal to another World so it could heal its wounds which is how it had come to find itself where it was. It thanks Ritsu and Pulsemon for helping it to get some of its memories back and tells Dragomon it would not be defeated by it as it had friends in Witchely to go back to. Ritsu and Pulsemon are happy to see it had regained its memories, with Wizardmon pulling its staff out of its hat so that it could fight Dragomon.

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