Pteromon is the partner Digimon of Shoto Kazama in Digimon Liberator.


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  • Wind Slicer: Flaps its forewings and launchs a slicing gust of wind.
  • Rumble Claw: Stab its enemies with the talons on its feet as it flies overhead.


Digimon Liberator[]

Pteromon claims to be the ruler of the Emerald Coast, and helps those in need.

It flies around the Invasive Forest City during Shoto Kazama and Arisa Kinosakis duel, and sees Frozen Knight attack them and Shoemon after the duel. Frozen Knight forces Shoto to duel it, with Shoto's deck being full of nothing but blank cards. As Shoto is about to surrender, unable to fight back, Pteromon swoops down from the sky and tells Frozen Knight to pick on someone its own size. Shoto's useless blank deck changes, with all the cards now being newly obtained cards. DigitalGate Open It goes inside Shoto's D-STORAGE, usurping his Muchomon's partner spot, and plays a copy of ST18-04: Pteromon — though allows Shoto to make the rest of the moves during the duel after he complained about Pteromon making a move for him. Pteromon still offered advice on what to do whilst watching the duel, however, with Shoto usually doing its suggested moves. Out of Control (Part 1) Out of Control (Part 2)

Later in the duel, with Shoto in a bad spot, Pteromon fuses its consciousness with the GrandGalemon in Shoto's Breeding Area. It then spends the rest of the duel fused into that stack with Shoto going on to win the duel — Shoto's first ever win. Out of Control (Part 2)

Shoto immediately reminisces over the duel. After doing so, he has an outburst about how ridiculous their situation is — fighting rogue NPCs, meeting wild Digimon, and his deck being changed without his permission. He looks through his new deck, complaining that his Zephagamon has greyed out and is unusable. As Shoto continues to freak out about the situation, Pteromon interjects and tries to cheer him up by telling them that nothing went wrong. This annoys Shoto, since Pteromon was acting like it had known Shoto a long time — with Pteromon confirming it had indeed known him a long time as it spent three months watching from above as Shoto lost countless times to Arisa. As the supposed leader of the Emerald Coast, it watches and looks out for the beginners — which is why it had been watching them, and questions them on the fact they still hang out in the tutorial area despite three months having passed. Pteromon and Arisa poke fun at Shoto for being terrible at duelling, with Shoto eventually yelling at them to stop.

Arisa theorises on the fact that Pteromon has existed for more than three months and knows so much about duelling, stating that it means there's no way it had been created as part of the game's most recent update. She looks through her deck, noting that it had been modified without her permission to now include Shoemon. She says they won't learn anything by standing around talking about it and decide the group should go find a GM and ask them about the recent goings on. Pteromon has no idea what GM is, so Arisa tells him that Game Masters, GMs, are the ones who run the game with Pteromon refusing this notion as it didn't believe in the fact that humans ran LACUNA. It reluctantly accepts the fact when Shoto points out that humans running a video game makes sense. Arisa is excited to go to City Center Jewel, the City that the GMs work in, with Shoto poking fun and saying she's only excited because she wants to shop there. Arisa confirms this, with Shoto apologizing as she points out she doesn't get to shop there much as she spends most of their gaming time teaching him how to duel. He tells her to buy him something as a reward for winning his first ever duel, and though she at first doesn't want to ends up agreeing to get him said gift. As they travel to the GM's headquarters Shoto realizes it would be a bad idea to travel around with unknown wild Digimon and so instruct their new partners to go hide inside their D-STORAGEs so as to not bring attention to themselves.

Just as they arrive at their destination, Violet "Vi" Inboots comes up to them and expresses surprise at them being there. Arisa notices she was hanging out with Ghostmon, asking if she had always had it and she had simply never noticed. She introduces them to her new partner, having met Ghostmon recently, with Ghostmon posing for Violet's friends. She asks if they were there to see a GM as well, and tells them that she was there as she wanted to tell the GMs she had found a new Digimon. Arisa begins saying they too had found new Digimon but is interrupted by Shoto before she could complete her sentence with him telling her that if they tell her about their new Digimon she will talk about them for so long hours will pass and they won't be able to go shopping. Arisa realizes he is right and shuts up, with Shoto telling Violet about how they had ran into a bugged NPC and so wanted to tell the GMs about it. Finding the story interesting, Violet begins to talk about how she had heard the same thing from others then starts to talk about Ghostmon. Realizing the hours long conversation was about to happen, Shoto cuts her off and runs away — dragging Arisa with him.

Now at the lobby of the GM's building, they look through the list of GMs and see all but one is busy with other players. They click Cool Boy's chat room, with the duo summoned to his room. After greeting his guest, Cool Boy informs them he is not only a GM — he is the head GM that oversees the others. Shrinking Violet (Part 1)

Shoto and Arisa tell Cool Boy about what had happened to the them. Cool Boy apologizes for the inconvenience, with Shoto insisting it wasn't that big of a deal. He thanks them for their report, though tells them they were already aware of the issue as other players had told them about rogue NPCs already — this fact shocking Shoto. He also tells them about the issues they were having with wild Digimon, with this causing Shoto to realize that if he tells Cool Boy about theirs it would get their new partners into trouble and so he refrains from bringing them up. Cool Boy assures the duo the staff of the game were doing their best to make sure the players could play safely and that they would eventually put out an update that would fix all the issues. He then asks them to stay away from wild Digimon, warning them to not get involved with them — informing them that the research done by the debugging team alongside user submitted data indicated all the issues stemmed from the wild Digimon. Shoto agrees to stay away from wild Digimon, with Arisa shocked and whispering about how that was impossible as they already hang out with wild Digimon and have them in their decks. Shoto counters this by claiming Pteormon and Shoemon are fine, as they weren't wild anymore due to now being owned by them and as such saw no reason as to why the rouge NPCs would target them. Possibly overhearing their conversation, Cool Boy cuts them off and tells them players shouldn't befriend wild Digimon — warning them that doing so comes with the risk of them losing thier player status. Shoto asks if that means they'd be banned, though Cool Boy tells them he can't tell them any more as it is confidential information. He gives them one last piece of advice, to play the game properly so that they can be safe and to follow the advice he had given him.

The duo leave his room, with Arisa finally able to breath having been terrified that Cool Boy would figure them out. Shoto however, thought he was the complete opposite and thought he was amazing due to the amount of information he knew. As the duo joke about Arsia's upcoming University entrance exams, the alarms on their D-STORAGEs sound — indicating it was time for them to return to the real world since Arisa had to go to class. Unknown to the duo, Violet had been listening in to their conversation and overheard them saying goodbye to their partner Digimon as they log out.

The next day, Shoto fees Pteromon from the D-STORAGE — with Pteromon having been trapped inside it the entire night. Finally free, it flies around — yelling about how awful it was to be trapped inside a Digivice. As he watches Pteromon flying around, he warns it about sticking out too much though this becomes moot when Violet walks up to the lively group. Caught red headed with both Pteromon and Shoemon in the open they try to deny having unknown Digimon, with it not working as Violet had already done her research with there being no record of their new partners existence as Digimon species. Finding the newly discovered Digimon cute, she challenges Arisa to a duel telling her that if she wins she has to give Shoemon to her as a reward. Shrinking Violet (Part 2)

Other forms[]


Yolkmon b

Yolkmon is Pteromon's Fresh form.[1]

Yolkmon is depicted on ST18-01: Fluffymon. ST18-01 was part of ST18-10: GrandGalemon's digivolution sources when Pteromon fuses its consciousness with the stack during Shoto Kazama's duel against Frozen Knight. Out of Control (Part 2)


Fluffymon b

Fluffymon is Pteromon's In-Training form.

When Pteromon fuses its consciousness with ST18-10: GrandGalemon during Shoto Kazama's duel against Frozen Knight, Fluffymon was part of the stack with it having digivolved to ST18-04: Pteromon earlier in the duel.

When Shoto Kazama has Zephagamon attack Frozen Knight directly, he uses Fluffymon's inherited when attacking effect to suspend EX7-019: Sorcermon so it can't block the attack. Out of Control (Part 2)


Galemon b

Galemon is Pteromon's Champion form.

When Pteromon fuses its consciousness with ST18-10: GrandGalemon during Shoto Kazama's duel against Frozen Knight, ST18-08: Galemon was part of the stack with it having digivolved from ST18-04: Pteromon earlier in the duel. Galemon's inherited effect increases the stack's DP by 2000 for the rest of the duel. Out of Control (Part 2)


GrandGalemon b

GrandGalemon is Pteromon's Ultimate form.

With it looking like Shoto Kazama might lose the duel against Frozen Knight, Pteromon decides it was time for it to enter the duel and fuses its consciousness with ST18-10: GrandGalemon. It then watches as Frozen Knight plays out its next turn. At the start of Shoto's turn, ST18-14: Shoto Kazama increases his memory from 2 to 3. He draws ST18-12: Zephagamon during his draw phase, then moves GrandGalemon from the Breeding Area to the Battle Area during the Breeding Phase. In his Main Phase, he digivolves GrandGalemon into the ST18-12: Zephagamon for 3 cost, putting him at 0 memory. GrandGalemon's inherited effect allows Zephagamon to unsuspend after attacking, though Shoto winds up not using this effect. Out of Control (Part 2)


Zephagamon b

Zephagamon is Pteromon's Mega form.

With it looking like Shoto Kazama might lose the duel against Frozen Knight, Pteromon decides it was time for it to enter the duel and fuses its consciousness with ST18-10: GrandGalemon. Shoto then digivolves it to ST18-12: Zephagamon during his next turn. Zephagamon's on digivolving effect forces Shoto to suspend one Digimon on the field, though he is unable to suspend any of the Digimon on his field due to EX7-023: Hexeblaumon's effect as they have the same amount of digivolution sources (Zephagamon) or less digivolution sources (Galemon) than Hexeblaumon. He uses the effect to suspend one of Frozen Knight's Digimon, then uses the second part of the effect to unsuspend it. As a Digimon has just unsuspended, Zephagamon's DP increases by 3000 to 18000 (Pteromon and Galemon inherited effects had already increased it 2000DP each, from 11000 to 15000). This also makes Zephagamon immune to the effects of Frozen Knight's Digimon, allowing it to attack (as Hexeblaumon's effect disallowed it to suspend, meaning it was unable to attack). He has Zephagamon attack Frozen Knight directly, and uses EX7-004: Fluffymon's inherited when attacking effect to suspend EX7-019: Sorcermon so it can't block his attack. Zephagamon's attack reveals another copy of Hexeblaumon — though its 11000DP is too low and Zephagamon wins the battle. Shoto activates ST18-15: Anemoi Embrace for 5 cost, putting Frozen Knight at 5 memory, using it to suspend Hexeblaumon. He then uses its third effect to unsuspend Zephagamon (he in unable to use its second effect, as he didn't suspend one of his own Digimon) and uses Zephagamon's Vortex effect to attack the suspended Hexeblaumon. Shoto uses the effect of ST18-14: Shoto Kazama to suspend itself and change his attack to target Frozen Knight instead and as Frozen Knight has no security shields left, Shoto wins. Out of Control (Part 2)


  • Anemoi Embrace[2]

Notes and references[]

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