Pteromon is a Bird Dragon Digimon. It freely soars through the skies over vast woodlands. The horns on its head are soft organs that play much more of a sensory role than an offensive one. By reading wind currents with these horns, Pteromon can acutely perceive changes in climate. Pteromon is extremely curious about other kinds of creatures, and often thinks of ways to fly alongside and make contact with other Digimon. These include Rookie Digimon like Biyomon and Falcomon, as well as, sometimes, larger Champions and Ultimates. Pteromon also has the ability to instantaneously regrow its feathers as a means of easing its wounds when hurt.[1]


  • Wind Slicer: Flaps its forewings and launchs a slicing gust of wind.
  • Rumble Claw: Stab its enemies with the talons on its feet as it flies overhead.


Pteromon is a green bird with arm-like wings, a furry white mane, a yellow beak, purple eyes, egg-white circle on its torso, a long tail with red feathers on the tip, yellow legs, black claws on its feet, and red claws on its wings. It wears an egg-white mask with a red horn and red markings.


Pteromon (プテロモン)

Official romanization given the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Digimon Liberator[]

Main article: Pteromon (Liberator)

After Pteromon goes inside Shoto Kazama's D-STORAGE, it plays a copy of ST18-04: Pteromon to Shoto's field as, moving Shoto from 3 memory to 0. Shortly afterwards, he digivolves ST18-04 to the ST18-08: Galemon he just drew for 2 cost. Out of Control (Part 1) Later in the duel, he digivolves EX7-004: Fluffymon into another copy of ST18-04 then quickly digivolves that copy into another copy of ST18-08. Pteromon later fuses its consciousness with this stack whilst's its EX7-034: GrandGalemon. Out of Control (Part 2)

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