Pseudo Digital World (疑似デジタルワールド Giji Dejitaru Wārudo?) is a field created by the Digivice -V- in Digimon Ghost Game. It resembles a combination of the Human World area where it is used with a Digital World biome recorded into a DIM Card. Zashiki-warashi Damage caused inside the Pseudo Digital World doesn't affect the Human World, and Digimon will appear as materialized inside it even if they were Hologram Ghosts in the Human World. The Doll's Manor

When the Pseudo Digital World is activated, any Digimon and Digivice -V- users in the field's reach are pulled inside it, The Doll's Manor The Fortuneteller's Manor and from an outsider's perspective appear to vanish. Birds Humans without a Digivice -V- or animals don't enter the Pseudo Digital World Birds Spiral Beach unless they have been modified by a Digimon's abilities Wall Crawlers Flock of the Dead Spiral Beach, like the human geckos Wall Crawlers, and leave the field if such modification is removed. Flock of the Dead Monzaemon is able to use his "Lovely Attack" to stay in the Human World even with an active Pseudo Digital World and to show the field to a regular human. Bad Friend A person inside the Pseudo Digital World can't be tracked by GPS. Human Hunter

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