Protagonist (Male) (Appli Monsters 3DS) bItsuki b
Kazuki (left) and Itsuki (right)
Appears in:Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters (3DS)
Digivice(s):White and blue App Drive
Grade 8th[1]
Known relatives Mother
Occupation Student
App Driver

Kazuki (カズキ?) and Itsuki (イツキ?) are the male and female protagonists of Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters (3DS) respectively. Before their default names were revealed, they were simply referred to as Protagonist (主人公 Shujinkou?).


Kazuki is a teenage boy with fair skin, short red hair, and blue eyes. He wears green goggles with hexagonal lenses, a black sweater with vertical white lines under a blue and yellow T-shirt with an orange stripe in the chest, and a white one under it, and a yellow Appmon Band on his left wrist. He also wears blue jeans, black socks, and white and red sneakers with black soles.

Itsuki is a teenage girl with fair skin, short blonde hair, and blue eyes. She wears pink goggles with oval lenses, a black shirt with long sleeves under an orange and white shirt with a yellow border between the white and the orange, a white blob-like mascot character on the left side of the chest, and frills in the shirt's bottom hemline. She also wears an orange Appmon Band on her left wrist, blue bike shorts with a white line on the left side and a white cross on the right leg, orange socks, and white, light blue, and pink sneakers.


The Protagonist likes videogames.


Kazuki (カズキ)

Official name of the male protagonist. Used only when an opponent in the High-End GP.

  • Ja: A Japanese masculine name.
Itsuki (イツキ)

Official name of the female protagonist. Used only when an opponent in the High-End GP.

  • Ja: A Japanese feminine name.



The Protagonist is a student at Hifumigaoka Middle School.

Unselected protagonist

The unselected Protagonist fights in the High-End GP S Rank.

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