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"Princess Karaoke"
眠れる暴君! トノサマゲコモン
(Nemureru Boukun! TonosamaGekomon)
"The Sleeping Tyrant! TonosamaGekomon"
(Ja:) Fuji Television
(En:) Saban Entertainment
Airdate (Ja:) August 29, 1999
(En:) November 6, 1999
Written by (Ja:) Akatsuki Yamatoya
(En:) Ardwight Chamberlain, J.M. Morris
Directed by (Ja:) Hiroki Shibata
Chief Anim.
Shigetaka Kiyoyama
Art Tetsuhiro Shimizu
Toei Animation
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Tai and Joe discover Mimi being waited on as a princess by some music-loving Digimon, who hope to awaken their master from a deep sleep using the power of Mimi's voice.


DA ep25 recap

Episode recap for Princess Karaoke.


Tai, Joe, Agumon and Gomamon take Matt's swan boat to a large castle on an island. Upon entering, they find lots of Gekomon and Otamamon rushing around, running various errands for the "princess", who turns out to be none other than Mimi. When Tai and Joe tell her she has to go, she reacts badly and has them all thrown out by her servant Digimon.

Tai and Joe wonder why these servants follow Mimi's orders, and they take the group to their slumbering master, ShogunGekomon, who they say fell into a deep sleep after losing a singing contest, and will only awaken after hearing singer as good as the one that defeated him. They explain how DemiDevimon told them about Mimi's amazing singing voice, so they found her and had her sing for them. The first time, Mimi forgets the lyrics, so the Gekomon and Otamamon serve her a food buffet to help her remember. The second time, she complains about the lack of decoration and asks for a makeover. She continues to make excuses and demand things from the Gekomon and Otamamon, becoming spoiled and eventually not singing at all.

Tai's first suggestion is that he sing instead of Mimi, and everyone in the group ends up having a go, all failing miserably. Tai's next plan is to record Mimi's singing on tape, with Palmon's help, though Mimi quickly finds out, and has all five of them thrown in the castle dungeon. All five of them tell her off for how selfish she’s acting, but Mimi couldn’t care less.

After having a bad dream where she is attacked by Devimon and Etemon, and no one wants to help her because of her selfishness, leaving her to fend for herself, Mimi wakes to see Sora, who comes out of hiding long enough to console Mimi. Mimi realizes what a fool she's been, and her crest glows as a result of her change of heart. She releases the group from jail and, after apologizing for how she acted, decides to sing again for the Gekomon and Otamamon, much to their pleasure. When ShogunGekomon finally awakens to Mimi's singing, he is less than pleased at being disturbed, and blasts everyone with the horns on his back. He is eventually defeated by MetalGreymon, and Mimi joins Tai and Joe as they set off to join the rest of the group.

Featured characters[]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Rookie Champion Ultimate

Digimon Analyzer[]

Special Move
Crash Symphony
Gomamon: "These are Gekomon? I've heard of them. They really love music—not surprising since they're born with those horns."
Special Move
Lullaby Bubble
Agumon: "And I've heard of the other Digimon—they're called Otamamon."
Special Move
Samurai Tone
Gekomon: "Don't panic! It's our lord and master, Shogunmon, finally restored to us after so many centuries."


(Number indicates order of occurrence.)

Palmon 1 Togemon 5 Palmon
Palmon b Arrow R Togemon b Arrow R Red Palmon b

Gomamon 2 Ikkakumon 5 Gomamon
Gomamon b Arrow R Ikkakumon b Arrow R Red Gomamon b

Agumon 2 Greymon 4 MetalGreymon (Vaccine) 5 Koromon
Agumon b Arrow R Greymon b Arrow R MetalGreymon (Vaccine) b Arrow RR Red Koromon b


"How do they get their mail?"

Joe is back to climbing stairs and back to complaining.

"We should have known it was Mimi."

Tai, Agumon, Joe, and Gomamon learn the identity of the spoiled princess.

DemiDevimon: "Don't you worry, oh mighty wickedness, this time we cannot fail."
Myotismon: "We?! You'd better not fail!"
DemiDevimon: "It's in the bag. Piece of cake."
Myotismon: "Is the plan at the palace working?"
DemiDevimon: "Couldn't be better. The Gekomon are spoiling her rotten, and she's eating it up! If she keeps this up much longer, her Crest of Sincerity's gonna be useless, master!"
Myotismon: "Do you know what will happen if you disappoint me again, DemiDevimon?"
DemiDevimon: "I got a vague idea."
Myotismon: "Good. Then see that you don't."

-Myotismon warns DemiDevimon not to fail him again.

"And you want me to give this up? I don't think so!"

Mimi doesn't want to give up being a princess.

"Get down off that high horse of yours and shift your rear into high gear!"

Tai can't tolerate Mimi's attitude.

"Whoa! Somebody's had a few too many donuts!"

Tai sees ShogunGekomon for the first time.

"Sorry, I forgot the words!"
"You know, this place is too dark. How about we get a disco ball and some spotlights, huh? And, of course, we'll need hair, makeup, and costumes."
"I'm tired. Let's pick it up tomorrow."

Mimi is a princess of excuses.

Tai: "Just leave it to me guys, I've got it!"
Others: "Huh?"
Gekomon: "I knew it! I knew you would come through!"
Otamamon: "Yay!"
Joe: "What are you thinking, Tai?"
Tai: "Well who says you need Mimi to wake up Jumbo? Crank it up and let me take a shot!"
Others: "You?! Aha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"
Tai: "What'cha laughin' at?"

—Tai has... an overestimated assessment of his own singing.

Mimi: "I wanna sing a song, a song that'll wake you up, and when you hear my voice, you'll call me a sweet buttercup. Just give me a listen, hmm-hmm-hmm, uh—Sorry, I forgot the words!"

Mimi auditioning her original song and almost awakening ShogunGekomon. Almost.

Tai: "I'm gonna sing a song, a song that will wake you up, I'm gonna belt it out! Shogunmon, It's time to get up!"
Joe: "I'm attempting to sing a song, a song that'll awaken you and aid all the Gekomon that are loyal to your world view and the idea of you being in charge. I'm attempting to sing a song, a song that'll awaken you and aid all the Gekomon..."
Agumon and Gomamon: "I croon this song to you! A tune from now until June! When you hear us sing, you'll call us singing buffoons! We just wanna wake you! So don't close your ears! Or you can sleep for years!"

— Tai's, Joe's, and Agumon and Gomamon's version of Mimi's song.

"After that, he might not wake up for another 300 years."

Tai's view on their failed singing experiment.

Mimi: "So you thought you could pull a fast one on Princess Mimi did you?"
Tai: "That's Princess Meanie!"

—Tai and Joe's attempt to trick Mimi into singing has landed them, their partner Digimon & Palmon in the dungeon.

Tai: "Is she gonna chop off our heads?"
Joe: "Don't even joke."

—Who do Tai and Joe think Mimi is, the Queen of Hearts?

Mimi: "Oh...won't anybody help me? Palmon, don't leave me!"
Sora: "Hey."
Mimi: "Huh?"
Sora: "Hey, Mimi."
Mimi: "Where am I? What?"
Sora: "Do you have any idea what that horrible dream was trying to tell you, Mimi?"
Mimi: "I'm sorry! Oh, I really am!"
Sora: "Well, then you know what you have to do to make things right."
Mimi: "Yes..."
Sora: "'Atta girl. I knew you'd find yourself again."
Mimi: "The Crest? Sora?"

—Sora gives Mimi a pep talk, finally teaching her the meaning of sincerity.

"I wanna sing a song,
A song to bring Shogunmon around.
When he hears my voice,
I hope he likes the sound.
He has to listen,
Listen to my sincere heart.
I've learned that friends are friends,
Even when they're apart.
I've asked my friends to forgive me
From the bottom of my heart!
If it's my choice,
His eyes will open wide.
And the Gekomon will be cheering,
Cheering with pride-"

Mimi sings her heart, and her heart is sincere.

"You wanna hear some singing?! The ground will shake, when you hear the noise I make, because I'm glad to be awake! YAAAGH!!"
"Now it's show time! Now why'd ya try that? Because I'll knock you flat, and now you're gonna feel it! YAAAGH!!"

ShogunGekomon bringing a new definition to the term "flat note".

Myotismon: "Didn't you say you knew it would happen if you failed?"
DemiDevimon: "Well, when I said I knew, I didn't really mean that I knew knew. You know what I mean? But now that I do know, if it's not too much trouble, sir, could I bother you for a glass of water?!"

-DemiDevimon gets punished by Myotismon yet again.

Other notes[]

Continuity errors

  • According to an earlier English dub episode, Togemon in Toy Town, Mimi is an awful singer. However, this episode places emphasis on Mimi having a great singing voice.
  • In the English dub, after being thrown in the dungeon, Tai asks Mimi if she's forgotten about the Crest of Sincerity, even though the name of the crest, along with the others, isn't revealed to the DigiDestined until the next episode.

Animation errors

  • After being thrown out by the Gekomon, when Joe pushes his glasses up, his watch is on his right arm, rather than his left.
  • When the group enter ShogunGekomon's room, Tai's eyes are colored white instead of brown. This happens during both day and night.
  • When Tai stops singing, his socks are colored gray instead of white.
  • When the group cover their ears in response to Agumon and Gomamon's singing, the black band on Tai's left arm is missing.
  • Just after Mimi leaves the others locked in the dungeon, a view of the length of the dungeon pathway shows Palmon in front of a brick wall on one side of the prison cell (the side that she should be behind), though she is still seen behind the metal bars of the cell.
  • In Mimi's nightmare, Etemon's fingernails are orange instead of white.
  • Before Mimi sings her song, Palmon is shown with her fingers completely purple.
  • As ShogunGekomon jumps towards Tai, Joe and the others, the webbed parts of his hands are orange instead of yellow.
  • Just before MetalGreymon fires his Giga Blaster attack, the black band on Tai's left arm is missing.
  • The opening sequence is missing various sound effects, such as when Angemon and Devimon appear.

Dubbing changes

  • The song sung by Mimi in the original episode is the Japanese ending theme, I Wish, rather than a song about trying to sing a song. In fact, the next episode was the last one in which this ending theme would be used in the Japanese series.
  • In the original version of the episode, ShogunGekomon's reasons for attacking after waking up was because he was actually a tyrant. In the dub, he just woke up cranky.

Real-world references

Miscellaneous trivia

  • ShogunGekomon announces the episode title in the Japanese episode.
  • The episode was first aired in English with the typo "Karoake" instead of "Karaoke". This was corrected for the re-runs.
  • Otamamon, Gekomon and ShogunGekomon are all from the same evolutionary line, being Rookie, Champion and Ultimate, respectively.